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Free 3D printer model Made with Love Bokeh Kit, HarryDalster

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Made with Love Bokeh Kit

3D model description

Slick style meets practical engineering. Our Photography Gear puts the fun in functional with good-looking gear that streamlines your workflow and fuels your creativity.

Customize photos for your Valentine with our Made with Love Bokeh Kit! They fit any 53mm lens (working best with prime lenses) and they turn any out-of-focus highlights in your pictures into distinct forms. Print up a set of four in about an hour and start experimenting—results will vary in the coolest, most unpredictable ways possible! Included in the download are a bokeh holder and set of 4 bokeh – heart, butterfly, star and sunburst.

Tip 1: With bokeh in place, less light enters the camera lens. You may want to compensate with a wider aperture (small F-number), higher ISO or longer shutter speed.

Tip 2: With manual focus, you can see the bokeh through your camera's live view and experiment with different positioning.

Tip 3: Make sure the light source is out of focus and your subject is in focus. You get the best effect when there is some distance between the subject and the lights.

  • 3D model format: STL




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