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GoPro Handle With Soft Grip

3D model description

Screw together handle handle for GoPro camera that has a soft grip made out of flexible filament. I hope you enjoy it!

This convient handle gives you a comfortable stable grip to use with everyones favorite action camera. I have made a few solid handles out of PLA and found them to be slippery, and mildly uncomfortable to use.

Im not quite sure whose model I based this on, because I just tons of adapters through the search when designing this. When searching now I would say my adapter design most resembles Mark113's thing:40291. Although I am not quite sure...

Made on a Makerbot Replicator

3D printing settings

Adapter/ Shaft:


- .2mm layer height.

- Infill: 15%.

- Number of Shells: 3.

- Use your favorite temperature settings (My settings were, extruder temp: 197C, heated bed: 70C)

  - Filament fan is not needed, but will help produce better thread.  


Flexible Filament (Ninja Flex settings):

- .2mm layer height.

- Infill: 5-10%, depending on the stiffiness desired.

- Number of Shells: 2.

- Extruder temperature: 215C.

- Heated bed: 30C.

- Speed while Extruding: 80mm/s.

- Speed while Traveling: 150mm/s.


1. Slide grip over shaft.

2. Screw adapter on to shaft. (apply glue to thread if you want it to stay on permanently)

I am sure that Makerbot flexible filament will work as well, I have just never used it yet.

Made on a Makerbot Replicator

  • 3D model format: STL





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