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Expandable Eurorack Case Blocks

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3D model description

A 3D printed Eurorack case! With the provided STLs you can make a 3u case of varying widths, from as small as 26hp to as wide as you want.
One unique feature of this case is that some 26hp block's have two slots for a 4hp breakout on the front and back of the case. This is so you can place non-performance modules out of the way and they don't occupy your front facing perfomance area*. The pictures show a 4MS Row Power in the back of the case. Other good Eurorack modules that are non-perfomance are breakout modules like this The ventilation holes on the side of the case are M3 bolt compatible, so you can bolt on any mods you want, or bolt two 3U rows together (cables between rows can be fed through empty breakput slots). On the ends are slots so you can attach 1 inch cinch straps, as a handle or cable management.
There are also blank panels from 1hp to 20hp included.
If you are just starting out, I recommend using the STL's in, they contain the latest design that is a little slimmer than the first design.

UPDATE 2020-08-21: I've added v2 files for the case3u_B. They are compatible with the old files, so you can plug them together. The v2 files have some minor improvements. There are now nut indents on the vent holes, to make it easier to bolt cases together. The ends of the case how have vent holes too, that can double up as m3 bolt holes. There are also some slots for 1 inch cinch straps, so you can either make a handle or
strap a battery pack or cable management. There are also more sizes available for the middle pieces, 6hp, 8hp, 10hp, 12hp, 16hp, 20hp, 24hp, 26hp. Allowing for many more case size options.

UPDATE 2020-08-22: There were some extra holes in case3u_B_v2_26hp_right.stl, they have been removed and the STL updated. They didn't cause a problem, but they were not needed and looked out of place.

UPDATE 2020-08-25: Moved old STL's into Renamed current STLs slightly, so B means with Breakout, N means No breakouts. Added breakout/no breakout options for 26HP blocks, so you are not forced to fill breakouts.

UPDATE 2020-08-28: All of my blankXX.stl panels were 5.04mm/HP instead of 5.08mm/HP, so their width was 0.7% not wide enough. Fixed and updated.

UPDATE 2020-08-29: Added circlestencilXX.stl's to cover the blankXX.stl, to make 2 colour patterned blanks. Photo shows black stencil on white blank, please add photos of your colour combo's!

UPDATE 2020-12-09: Added that contains a set of files that are 84mm deep internally, which is larger that the 67mm deep of the original files. For those people that need that extra space.

UPDATE 2021-03-16: Added that contains a slimmer case without the 6mm border at the top and bottom. So the modules are closer together when bolting rows together. If using the slim case "case3uS", then 6mm bolts for the side of the case are best. Longer will work, but will protrude into the module space.

UPDATE 2022-01-09: Added four STL's to These support Intellijel 1U modules and fit with case3uS prints. Check out the green print picture. I don't have any Intellijel 1U modules to test this with so please let me know if you have any problems.

UPDATE 2022-01-31: Added ten STL's to These make a new 4U case that supports Intellijel 1U modules.

UPDATE 2022-02-19: Added a smaller left "case4uIS_N_v1_16hp_left.stl" to

UPDATE 2022-03-06: Tweaked case3u_B_v2_26hp_left/middle/right so they are hopefully more manifold, as one user was having problems.

UPDATE 2022-03-16: I introduced a bug 10 days ago in the last update. When I "fixed" case3u_B_v2_26hp_left/middle/right, the hole spacing was wrong. They are now fixed. So if you downloaded case3u_B_v2_26hp_left.stl or case3u_B_v2_26hp_middle.stl in the last 10 days, you will need to re-download them. Big apologies for anyone who has printed the affected STLs.

UPDATE 2022-07-03: Added case3uS_WB_v1_26hp_left/right/middle.stl which have a widened 4HP breakout slot for pesky fat modules. They are widened by 3mm and are in

Please support the development of this case by buying the STLs and/or donating ( Future Eurorack STL's will all be added to this cults3d entry.

The modules shown in the images are here.

Additional Parts Required:
* Square M3 nuts, for the rails, but can also be used to bolt together the case blocks.
* M3 bolts, like the ones that some manufacturers supply with their modules. 8mm for the modules and securing the case.
* If using the slim case "case3uS", then 6mm bolts for the side of the case are best. Longer will work, but will protrude into the module space.

case3uS & case3u_B_v2_26hp_left.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_26hp_left.stl
case3uS & case3u_B_v2_26hp_right.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_26hp_right.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_0hp_right.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_6hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_8hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_10hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_12hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_16hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_20hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_24hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_B_v2_26hp_middle.stl
case3uS & case3u_N_v2_26hp_middle.stl
case3uS_N_1UI_v1_14hp_middle.stl *
case3uS_N_1UI_v1_20hp_middle.stl *
case3uS_N_1UI_v1_24hp_middle.stl *
case3uS_B_1UI_v1_26hp_middle.stl *
case4uIS_B_v1_26hp_right.stl *
case4uIS_B_v1_26hp_middle.stl *
case4uIS_B_v1_26hp_left.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_26hp_right.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_26hp_middle.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_26hp_left.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_16hp_left.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_0hp_right.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_16hp_middle.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_20hp_middle.stl *
case4uIS_N_v1_24hp_middle.stl *
blankXX.stl (XX=01 to 20)
circlestencilXX.stl (XX=01 to 20)
caseDeep3u_XXXX.stl (83mm deep versions of the above files)
*These have been printed and the design works, but I haven't tested them with a 1U Intellijel module as I don't own any. I've printed a test 1U module, but please let me know if they fit the real deal.

I'd recommend printing the middle sections last. I'd print case3u(S)_B_26hp_left.stl and then case3u(S)_B_0hp_right.stl, to see if they fit together with no problems. You might not need the case3u(S)_B_0hp_right.stl for your final case, but it will be quicker to print and quicker to discover an issue. If any problems arise, I'll be able to address them sooner.

More instructions here:

If you like this design you should check out my others at

*If you do place a 4HP module in the front or back breakout slot, this obviously reduces the depth of the case. The case can easily handle 50mm deep modules WITHOUT the breakouts occupied, and about 35mm+ when they ARE occupied.

3D printing settings

Print with no support
Small bridges
Tested with PLA, 0.35mm layers

3D printer file information

  • 3D design format: STL and ZIP Folder details Close
    • blank01.stl
    • blank02.stl
    • blank03.stl
    • blank04.stl
    • blank05.stl
    • blank06.stl
    • blank07.stl
    • blank08.stl
    • blank09.stl
    • blank10.stl
    • blank11.stl
    • blank12.stl
    • blank13.stl
    • blank14.stl
    • blank15.stl
    • blank16.stl
    • blank17.stl
    • blank18.stl
    • blank19.stl
    • blank20.stl
      • case3uS_B_1UI_v1_26hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_B_v1_26hp_left.stl
      • case3uS_B_v1_26hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_B_v1_26hp_right.stl
      • case3uS_N_1UI_v1_14hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_1UI_v1_20hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_1UI_v1_24hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_0hp_right.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_10hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_12hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_16hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_20hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_24hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_26hp_left.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_26hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_26hp_right.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_6hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_N_v1_8hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_WB_v1_26hp_left.stl
      • case3uS_WB_v1_26hp_middle.stl
      • case3uS_WB_v1_26hp_right.stl
    • case3u_B_v2_26hp_left.stl
    • case3u_B_v2_26hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_B_v2_26hp_right.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_0hp_right.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_10hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_12hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_16hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_20hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_24hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_26hp_left.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_26hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_26hp_right.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_6hp_middle.stl
    • case3u_N_v2_8hp_middle.stl
      • case4uIS_B_v1_26hp_left.stl
      • case4uIS_B_v1_26hp_middle.stl
      • case4uIS_B_v1_26hp_right.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_0hp_right.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_16hp_left.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_16hp_middle.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_20hp_middle.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_24hp_middle.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_26hp_left.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_26hp_middle.stl
      • case4uIS_N_v1_26hp_right.stl
    • circlestencil01.stl
    • circlestencil02.stl
    • circlestencil03.stl
    • circlestencil04.stl
    • circlestencil05.stl
    • circlestencil06.stl
    • circlestencil07.stl
    • circlestencil08.stl
    • circlestencil09.stl
    • circlestencil10.stl
    • circlestencil11.stl
    • circlestencil12.stl
    • circlestencil13.stl
    • circlestencil14.stl
    • circlestencil15.stl
    • circlestencil16.stl
    • circlestencil17.stl
    • circlestencil18.stl
    • circlestencil19.stl
    • circlestencil20.stl

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  • Publication date: 2020-08-16 at 20:20





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