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Deus Vult Dog: The Costume

3D model description

My dog had the best Halloween costume ever. Templar dog, Crusader dog, Deus Vult Dog; she is absolutely cute and absolutely hates wearing it. I've included the .blend files so you can size and modify the sword and helmet to your own dog/cat/ferret.

For the retainers, I used shoelace and a buckle from Thingiverse: and a camera strap buckle loop from Thingiverse: I had to scale the Buckle loop down until it matched about the size of the buckle loop. There are two versions of the helmet. 3a is the low poly version and the one you will see in pictures. I went back and subdivided it to make it smoother and made 3b.

You can find the process here:
And I made a video of it in action here:

3D printing settings

This is for a dachshund head, so the dimensions are: X=106.75mm, Y=171.75mm, Z=66mm. It takes about 12-14 hours depending on the angle you print it at. I sat it up on it's back to take advantage of the slightly reduced time and less support used. There's a picture of what I mean in the photos. The model is thin, so infill has to 100%.

The sword is easy. The blade takes about an hour or so, needs 5% infill and support for the crossguard. Handle needs same infill and support, and takes 30 minutes. Pommel same for infill and support, takes 20 minutes. Sheath needs same infill and support, takes 30 minutes. Glue it all together and have fun.

Paint the cross on the pommel and helmet for optimal historical accuracy.

  • 3D model format: STL



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