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We are the Law- Judge Anderson & Hershey Bimbo Series 5&6 – by SPARX

3D model description

• Judge Anderson Bimbo Series Model 5 – by SPARX
• Judge Hershy Bimbo Series Model 6 – by SPARX
• And Free Stand to show your diorama .(updated) .

A lot of model for the money . .

Given the lack of Judge Dredd COMIC models available both as finished toys, statues etc and practically no Dredd movie 2012 toys . . . I offer this model as all 3 parts of a Judge me NEXT diorama that you can purchase together and get a stand to complete the scene.
The design of both of the uniforms especially the Dredd movie flack jacket from on line references proved time consuming. I have had to make a number of creative decisions to at least allow the clothing to be practical. I hope fans approve of my interpretation?
All parts designed from SVG files loaded into 123D “pulled” and created out of primitives. Loaded into Zbrush core and sculptured, a final load into Meshmixer to create solids, Boolean etc. then reduced mesh on certain area’s.
So a very high resolution file with lots of detail and full instructions.
All the parts have been printed and developed to print, even if it meant 7 different torso’s (yep 7 torsos to get eagle and zip correct printed, modified, printed . . you get the picture!) to develop right arm and gun 2 prints, and 2 different legs to adjust the thickness and detail in creases etc. . .4 hair styles sculptured and 3 printed before settling on the one included.... all pieces have been tested and they print out very easy as long as you follow the settings in the PDF file .

The whole diorama and both models took 225hrs concept and modelling, 52hrs printing various failures mods etc . . all pieces have been tested and they print out very easy as long as you follow the settings. .All of my models are only released when they can print! so please do not remix or "fix" faults in this model then republish! If there is a fault then let me know . . message me I will answer and fix problem. . apart from that print make enjoy.
I make these models for my own collection but I am always open to suggestions of content for models that cover the DC and Marvel universe as well as TV and film cult images e.g. Barbarella. so message me if you have any ideas . .
As always enjoy the parts on offer.


People ask me why the detail is so prominent (not just the Bimbo bits) but the tears in the suit folds in cloth etc. on my models . . well as they are primarily made/designed for my own collection I always sand down with fine emery then have models subjected to an Acetone vapor bath for 60 seconds . This seals the shells and makes a smoother appearance but removes some detail . . hence build more detail into the model . . hope you like.

3D printing settings

Recently I have been asked “why this is not printing? “ Or “This is fill of holes when printed?” Etc. . . please do not scale down or adjust my recommended settings for infill etc. . . as you can see from the pictures this prints very well and I believe you will be pleased with the result when completed.


  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



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Thankyou for the comment . . this is what inspires me to dreate . .

great job keep them going.i am a novis cannot wait to get printing

most of Andersons Boobs are covered, Hershey has an alternative torso that has a sports bra . . but at the end of the day, its part of the BIMBO collection and the choice is yours at the price you get two models, one not flashing and another that has a sports top.

Looks good, but to much boobs for me, to put it on the shelf.