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Tommy Two Teef

3D model description

The two-est toofed bastard ever printed, Tommy aint here to make friends. Print tommy at your own risk.

3D printing settings

Printing Notes:

  • The model photographed was printed on a Zortrax M200

-Layer height of .09mm,

-20 degree supports

-Solid infill for the face. Medium infill for the rest.

-As shown, the limbs print separate from the torso. But can be easily printed all at the same time.

-The model isn't 100 percent symmetrical. As such there are right and left limbs. Not a huge difference between the two, but if you're having trouble getting them to fit you might be putting the left arm in the right socket or something.

-This is generally true with printing, but its especially true with this figure, the higher resolution you print, the less supports you need to generate to have it print well. I printed this with very little supports, and very high resolution. (.09mm layer height)

-When printing the face/mask I used printed two at a time. Its a very small print, and with small prints its generally a good idea to put two parts on the print plate to so that as your extruder head jumps from one item to the other the plastic has more time to cool between layers. Does that make sense? Doesn't matter. Just believe me. If your face/mask print is coming out messy, try printing out two at once.

If you make any updates or tweaks to Tommy, from fixing a surface issue to giving him a funny hat, please don't hesitate to tell me! I would love to update my files for others and/or see the funny hat.
Also if you print it, take cool pictures, post them on instagram, and TAG ME. Thank you.

#makestuff #showyourwork

  • 3D model format: STL



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