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Free Squizzle! A No supports Squirrel Sculpt 3D model, loubie
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Squizzle! A No supports Squirrel Sculpt

3D model description

Squizzle is a squirrel holding an acorn. He is a quick sculpt I made from a more complex squirrel rig I am working on (planning a squirrely doll).

It is part of an experiment to see how many models I can get out of one rig.

Squizzle prints with no supports! Hooray!

His height is 130mm but is detailed enough to scale up (although if you scale much bigger and you may need to use some support for the base of the acorn) and should be sturdy enough to scale down well too.

These Squizzles were printed using the very lovely Polyalchemy PLA in:

Elixir Crimson Red
Elixir Purple Rain
Elixir Gold

Squizzle was sculpted in Blender.

3D printing settings

The Squizzles shown here are printed with .02 layer height, 15% infill with 2 perimeters.

They took about 3 hours each.

  • 3D model format: STL



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British techie (now 3D artist and designer) living in Texas since 2013. Owner of various open source printers. Love of assemblies, automata and support free models.



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