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Schrodinky: The British Shorthair in a Box 3D Printable Multi Part Model is a larger scale, more detailed and complex version of my original 3D printable "cat in a box" models:

STL file for dual extrusion version
STL file for single extrusion verison


If you have purchased the multi extrusion kitty and would like this version too then please PM me and I will send it to you for free. I had hoped one could more easily merge a dual model via a slicer with few artifacts but it's not the case so I will provide the single files to you...

I will need to see proof of purchase.

(FYI: Both these models are free to download).

Since there have been boxes, cats have sat in them often with little regard to whether they can fit or not. It certainly proved to be a popular subject for a model. This larger version is also a functioning money bank (I like my models to have some kind of use, particularly when they use a lot of filament). The coin slot is at the back of the collar and there is a threaded hole at the cat body base and a threaded stopper included.

"There is money in the kitty" and that joke will never get old.


Important information

Please take the time to read this section as it does contain important information regarding component size and printer requirements.

Schrodinky is a multi part model which means it has to be assembled after printing. I have made two versions: one for multi colour capable 3D printers (also known as multi extrusion or dual extrusion) and one for people with printers that can print with one material at a time (single extrusion and these are the most common type). However, because I have sectioned Schrodinky up in an artistic (and practical!) way, you will still be able to achieve something of a multi colour effect, even if your printer can only print in a single colour.

The other advantage of a multipart model is that you are less restricted by your printer build area. Fully assembled, Schrodinky sitting in the box is about 26cm, which if this were a one piece model, would put it out of the printing capabilities of many people. However, as you print in parts the largest dimension components are:

1) The box: (length 165mm, width: 156mm, height: 60mm)

2) The cat body: (length: 109mm, width: 138mm, height: 160mm)

If your printer can accommodate these dimensions then you are good to go. Of course, you can scale down and the awesome Hawk 3D Proto have tested this for me at 50% - a kitten

I have also designed this model to function as a money bank and look pleasing without the box part, so if your printer cannot manage the box or you would simply prefer a kitty sitting alone, then I have considered you.

This is a pay-for model and there are two packages available:

1) Single extrusion package (contains files which can be used on most FDM printers)

2) Multi extrusion package (contains files which can be used on
FDM printers capable dual/multi extrusion)


This includes:

Single colour cat model (head and body)
Eye models(eye and pupil to be printed separately)
3 collars with the following pattern choices: plain, hearts and moon and stars
Coin slot for collar
4 medal designs to go with the collars: round “paw print”, round plain, crescent moon and hearts
Box model
3 box tape models with a paw print design
Stopper, threads and threaded body

If you require the MULTI EXTRUSION PACKAGE please go here:

STL files in Multi Extrusion Package

3D printing settings

Please read the documentation available on Instructables:

  • 3D model format: STL



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British techie (now 3D artist and designer) living in Texas since 2013. Owner of various open source printers. Love of assemblies, automata and support free models.

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Not my thing, but they look absolutely amazing, keep up the good work.