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Ozo 1x2x3 Puzzle Ours

3D model description

A 1x2x3 Rubik's Cube Inspired Puzzle. A perfect toy for both children and adults.

If you make one of these and post it to social media please use the #OzoBear tag so I can check it out.


3D printing settings

I printed at .25mm layer height. With no support.

I also printed all the body parts together and the pin separate.

My test body parts were printed on a Polyprinter 229 at 25% infill between 180-200mms and took 4 hours. The pin was printed separately and much slower and took a few minutes.

The version with the lilypads help with corners pealing up. If you're printing in PLA you might not need the version with the lilypads.

Make sure that all the parts glide smoothly before snapping in the pin. As you have to destroy the snap to get them apart once they go together.

Depending on your 1st layer height you may have to debur the edges a bit.

Since the rotating surface will be rubbing on each other. It is important that you have a good smooth first layer.

Try the 01mm_tolerance pin first. The puzzle works the best if the two sides are snug and flush together. If for some reason that pin isn't working out for you try the 02mm_tolerence pin after.

Also included files for the Stickers. Youll need to get these vinly cut. Anyone with a Cricut should be able to easily handle these. Get creative with the colors. I'm also included the belly piece for those who want to make the panda version.

Depending on the surface finish your machine produces the 3D prints might need a bit of prep work to get the stickers to fit.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP


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Your design is so cute! Thanks for sharing it! :)