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Low Poly Spider-Man

3D model description

Thank you for choosing to download the Low Poly Spider-Man. This design was inspired by Marvel's classic superhero, Spider-Man. I used the 'Low Poly Male Figure' (also available for download) as the base form to create this figure. I hope you enjoy 3D printing this iconic character.

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Happy 3D printing!

3D printing settings

  • 'Low Poly Spider-Man' was 3D printed in PLA on the Ultimaker 2 with Cura software.

  • It is recommended that all parts especially the head are printed in high quality (0.1mm micron layer height).

  • When importing the parts into your slicer program, they should come in at the optimized print orientation.

  • If printed at 100%, Low Poly Spider-Man stands at 228.6mm (9") tall.

  • Gluing is required to join the parts together.

  • The Low Poly Spider-Man was painted with acrylic paint. A fine tip brush is recommended when painting the Head and Body.

  • The list below includes part names and raft/support settings:

Head x 1 / no raft / no support
Body x 1 / no raft / no support
Shoulder_Left x 1 / no raft / no support
Shoulder_Right x 1 / no raft / no support
Hand_Left x 1 / no raft / no support
Hand_Right x 1 / no raft / no support
Connector x 2 / no raft / no support
Legs x 1 / yes raft / yes support

  • 3D model format: STL



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One comment

Thank you for sharing, your work is amazing (super-man ;-) )
Could you tell us what is the mark (brand) of the paint used and if you do a surface treatment before painting (ex : sanding)