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CRAZY Spiral Cube of Impeccability

3D model description

Forget everything that was ever said about the Spiral Cube of Transcendence. Now behold, the CRAZY Spiral Cube of Impeccability! It's basically the drugged up version of the cube of transcendence.

If you don't already know what "spiral mode" is, it's a way of printing where there is 0 infill, the walls are 1 parameter thick, and the printed is completed in one continuous path, or spiral, (excluding the base) thus the name. It's really easy to set up. On Slic3r, you just check a box that says "Spiral vase" beside it.

There's five different models, four of which have a base at one of the central vertices to position on when printed. They take a little rotating around to position just right. If you can't get it positioned right, the degrees of rotation I used on Repetier are:

X: 135
Y: 35
Z: 0

The rounded crazy cube file is intended to be printed solid. Position it so that one set of edges that cross are touching the bed as shown in one of the pictures. Once again, if you can't get it positioned just right, these are the degrees of rotation I used on Repetier:

X: 45
Y: 0
Z: 0

Supports are not a bad idea for the rounded crazy cube, however you should lower the overhand threshold because it doesn't need supports anywhere besides the first several layers. Also with all of these files, use a brim of at least 5mm to ensure bed adhesion. While I intended the rounded crazy cube to be printed solid, you could sure try it in spiral mode.

Happy printing!

  • 3D model format: STL





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