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Barbra Ella2 - Bimbo Series Model 4 - by SPARX

3D model description

Lots of concept Art Left over from Barbra Ella1 - Bimbo Series Model 3 - by SPARX
So decided to upload some parts for another Barbarella suit/scene this time the white torn suit from the bird cages. Barbarella is a bit more Bimbo in this model from the more atomically correct previous model . .but I’m sure you will love this.
Again, I have been asked “why this is not printing? “ Or “This is full of holes when printed?” Etc. .
. please do not scale down or adjust my recommended settings for infill etc. . . as you can see from the pictures this prints very well and I believe you will be pleased with the result when completed.
The picture of the development of the torso and bottom plate to get holes fixed and thickness for warping. These are a few of the many prints while developing the files to ensure they are completely printable before release.
92hrs concept and modelling, 37hrs printing including 4 different torso’s to develop right hand and 2 different legs to adjust the thickness and positions etc to ensure good print... all pieces have been tested and they print out very easy as long as you follow the settings. .All of my models are only released when they can print! so please do not remix or "fix" faults in this model then republish! If there is a fault then let me know . . message me I will answer and fix problem. . apart from that print make enjoy

3D printing settings

no painted or complete model pictures yet as on holiday soon so work is at a stop . .upload pictures of my models after hols . .

see the PDF instruction file for more than enough info . .
Have included gcode file for torso , my settings to get supports and speeds correct . should you wish to try it.

  • 3D model format: STL et ZIP



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