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art3d-clb Menger's sponge, hexagonal section

STL files art3d-clb Menger's sponge, hexagonal section, art3d
STL files art3d-clb Menger's sponge, hexagonal section, art3d

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3D model description

Section by a shot of Menger's sponge. Two hexagonal sections allow to recompose a complete iteration 3 Menger sponge.

Model for a Menger sponge with an edge length of 90 mm.

2 files :

art3d-clb-sponge-menger-section-hexagonal.stl containing the model file and the technical sheet: art3d-clb-impr3d-fiche-tech-sponge-menger-section-hexagonal.pdf

3D printing settings

10% filling, thick shell, layer height 0.3 mm.

  • Instead of the bed (raft), think of putting white glue stick on the tray for a better adhesion of the filament.

  • Printing made with a Da Vinci mini printer from XYZPRINTING.

  • Printed in PLA (proprietary filament: black).

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



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