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With Voxelab, take part in the 3D modeling and 3D printing Dream Car contest!

The contest is now judged. For the results, you can see here the 3 winners of the contest.


The brief is simple: Your Dream Car. All types of 3D Printing car models are welcomed: car pictures by lithography, DIY car model, RC car even a real car if you want! Most of people have their dream car. Sometimes life sucks but when you get in the car and drive, the bad feelings are momentarily blown away. Let's print out your dream car and share with us.
A great contest realized in partnership with Voxelab. You can follow the brand directly via the Voxelab Facebook page and the Facebook group dedicated to all users of Voxelab products.

So it can be a miniature of your dream car or a concept car designed by you. I can also be a cool and fun toy or a RC car. Simply close your eyes, think about your dream car then start designing and try to win a Voxelab Aries Premium FDM 3D printer or a Voxelab Aquila Desk FDM 3D printer.

The competition will run from 20th May 2021 to 31st July 2021.

contest 3d printed car 1

What are the presents?

In order to reward the best achievements, the following prizes will be offered by Voxelab:

aries voxelab

aquila voxelab

  • 3rd prize : A Voxelab website Voucher worth $100 - more info.

For your information, you can also pre-order the Voxelab Aries 3D printer if you wish:

- Pre-sale time: from 1th August to 15th August 2021
- Pre-sale price: 329 US dollars (Amazon original price is 399 US dollars, Voxelab website original price is 395 US dollars)
- Pre-sale apply country: United States
- Pre-sale page: https://www.voxelab3dp.com/product/aries-high-end-fdm-3d-printer-for-beginners
- Free shipping, expected to be sent from fba within 2 days after the order is paid.

100 voucher 3D printer voxelab contest cults

How to participate?

  • Publish one or more 3D models related to the Car theme of the contest and upload if possible a photo of the model once 3D printed or a photo of the 3D rendering if you don't have a 3D printer. The model can be divided into several parts. The object must be beautiful and original.

  • Mention in the description of your creation the hashtag: #VoxelabCultsCar

  • Submit your 3D model for free on Cults with the Creative Common CC-BY License. Voxelab reserves the right to use the photos of the model, the 3D model and to 3D print it.

  • Share your creation around you in order to get the maximum of "Likes" on your page (only the real "Likes" will be taken into account).

contest 3d printed car 2

How will the winners be selected?

Participants will be judged on the creativity of their 3D file, on the quality of the 3D printing, on the originality of their photographic staging and on the number of Likes they receive on their Cults page.

  • Creativity and beauty of the 3D model: 10 points
  • 3D printing quality : 10 points
  • Photographic staging : 5 points
  • Popularity / number of Likes : 5 points

A jury will select the 3 winners. The jury is composed of Fei Zheng, Member of the Marketing Department of Voxelab, of Fedor Sosnin, Youtuber and blogger at 3DPrintSOS and of Agepbiz a really cool designer from Cults community.

For more information, see the contest rules.

contest 3d printed car 3

Come on, let's go! Say no more, game on!

Participate by uploading a 3D model on the theme of cars and add #VoxelabCultsCar to the description of the 3D file.

I'm in the contest!

To see all the creations that are already participating in the contest and to compare yourself to the others, click on the button below:

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