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Pegboard holder for Park tools Y wrench

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

Starting a job at a bike store, and looking at their pegboard, I realized that there was a better way to hold all the different Park tool Y-wrenches. Started the design in Fusion 360 but I'm still learning so I fell back on what I know and used SketchUp. Will probably recreate this in Fusion so I've got a parametric model, but this works for now, and it works well.

I also uploaded versions with text that covers the major available sizes of Y wrenches, 4/5/6mm, 2/2.5/3mm, T10/T25/T30, 4/5mm/T25 and 8/9/10mm, just in case you want everything going back in the right place and don't want there to be any confusion as to where that place might be. Since I've also included the original SketchUp file, it wouldn't be hard to add your own text. I was going to add the Park Tool logo but couldn't find any vector versions easily enough, and it just wasn't important enough to me.

Update: I printed out a bunch of these and brought them to the bike shop and discovered that older Park Y wrenches had a larger body. While all of my Y wrenches are 42mm diameter and 17mm thick, the Y wrenches at the shop were 46mm diameter and 20mm thick. This meant that the original design was a little too small and the wrenches sat too high. I've modified the design for the thicker old-style wrenches and have uploaded that as "Park older model Y-wrench pegboard mount.stl". I have not, however, uploaded versions with the recessed text. If you want to do that, go right ahead.

Update: Despite these being made for the Y-wrenches, one of the other mechanics discovered that Park's NP-6 needle nose pliers fit in this perfectly!

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

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    • Park_2-2.5-3_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.stl
    • Park_4-5-6_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.stl
    • Park_4-5-T25_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.stl
    • Park_8-9-10_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.stl
    • Park_T10-25-30_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.stl
    • Park_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.skp
    • Park_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.stl
    • Park_older_model_Y-wrench_pegboard_mount.stl
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020/01/30 02:16





Note: I wanted to try Cults3D as a possible alternative to Thingiverse, but after giving it a bit of a look, I'm not super impressed. Feel free to visit my Thingiverse page if they can manage to keep that site running:


I went to school as a mechanical engineer, and got interested in 3D modeling, specifically the SDRC I-DEAS CAD/CAM software system. This interest got me my first job working for a CAD/CAM reseller doing pre and post-sales support. I was lucky to be involved in 3D printing in the early 90s - for a demo of rapid prototyping, I modeled the mouse from my HP-UX CAD workstation and it was rendered via stereolithography. I still have that model, but across the years I stopped using CAD and moved to systems administration. Now that 3D printing is affordable and mostly reliable, I've gotten into it and am having a blast. I printed all the usual cute little trinkets and tchotchkes, but quickly got bored of that. What I find most interesting is needing something, then spending a little bit of time in a CAD program and soon after that having a real, functional version of the part in my hand.

I'm a cyclist and bike mechanic as a hobby and a side job, and have found endless applications of 3D printing to both bikes and bike maintenance. Coworkers have also come to me with many varied requests, each of which has been an interesting challenge and an opportunity to learn.

I am constantly learning, constantly trying to challenge myself to learn new things and technologies, so hopefully as I progress my designs will continue to improve.

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