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OxyGEN, is a device that responds to the lack of emergency respirators in the COVID-19 health crisis

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Warning, have a look here before printing! https://www.oxygen.protofy.xyz/

OxyGEN, is a device that responds to the lack of emergency respirators in the COVID-19 health crisis

OxyGEN it’s an open hardware prototype that has been collaboratively developed by a group of engineers led by Barcelona based company, PROTOFY.xyz. Initiated March 2020.

OxyGEN is an automated manual AMBU type ventilator. We are currently working alongside 4 different hospitals in Barcelona, one of them being the renown Hospital Clinic, to improve the device.

Currently OxyGEN is in its fifth phase of iteration, a process which will lead to obtain an efficient and safe device for the patient.

The OxyGEN team is collaboratively working with other projects being developed in Spain and around the world. Collaboration is critical in a crisis situation, like the current one.

Having a version of the device that will allows to mass produce has forced us to create another design, more adequate to these means of fabrication, we have now two versions of OxyGEN available:

OxyGEN-M or version “M”: easy to build for Makers, Fablabs or prototype workshops, buildable in wood or acrylic.

OxyGEN-P or version “P” for mass production in metal, for industrial scale .

The project began in March 2020, in the midst of a health crisis caused by the coronavirus (sars-cov-2). Its purpose is to respond to the possible lack of emergency ventilators in health systems around the world.


Project overview
Use retrievable parts from cars or small appliances, so that anyone can build it.

Offer a free of charge and open project to the entire community.

Provide quality information so that everyone can construct and manipulate it.

Ensure the correct performance in emergency situations through simplicity of design and components.

No modification is made to the medical device. The AMBU operates in the same way as it always does, but automated.

Modular design so that the community can modify it and contribute their ideas.

A well used ventilator saves lives, when poorly used it can lead to the death of the patient.

The device must be used exclusively under the supervision of qualified healthcare personnel

The basic design does not filter the exhaled air, which is released into the environment. Staying close to the infected patient is not recommended. We are working on this challenge for the next versions.

Next steps
This project was born today, 03/15/2020, with the desire to grow, improve and expand. Therefore we detail a small list here with brainstorming purposes, which can be used in subsequent iterations of the OxyGEN, in which we would like you to participate as well.

Dimming the motor to adjust speed, with the low cost philosophy in mind, we have thought of a heater rheostat.

Create a system that allows the exhaled air to be redirected through the AMBU to inactivate the virus and achieve an aseptic environment.
In the idea of lightly guiding the brainstorming process, we have researched a few ways to achieve asepsis. We came across a very recent post in CoronaVirusMakers discussing the possibility of the removal of the virus with a bubble column containing and oxidant like bleach.

Add a sensing system to warn if the breathing speed is reduced with respect to the desired one, to prevent the wear of parts or failures.

The axis-body union must be improved.

Find other accessible material to replace the wood.

Make it compatible with Rees system.

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