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COVID-19 Mask Cap, Covered

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

Note: this includes LaFactoria3D's original mask parts that this is designed to fit. It's a great design, and I include it here because they have since updated it in a way this cannot fit. If you feel their updated version provides better protection I urge you to use it instead.

Replacement cap for LaFactoria3D's COVID-19 MASK

This model is by request: a more enclosed cap that provides greater protection for the wearer. It clips in place of the original cap, doesn't interfere with airflow, is lightweight, and fits under face shields. This prints quickly in its current orientation without the need for supports, and the snout being flush with the hot bed will provide a smoother cover that can wipes clean easily.

Version 3: holds in place more securely, still provides "splash" protection, has good airflow, and prints a little more quickly (still no need for supports.)

What's changed: I over-thought versions 1 and 2, ending up with klunky designs that clipped in place differently. As a result, some prints held in place snugly while others popped off when struck. Plus they reached so far to the sides to ensure protected airflow that I worried they could snag on something by accident. Fortunately on V3 the airflow is still smooth unobstructed with these smaller outlets, and the long vanes inside the vents provide decent side protection. V3 also fits securely in place like like the original cap from LaFactoria3D that this mask base was designed to fit. Plus this new one prints more quickly and requires less material.

If you find any issues with it or think of ways to improve its design, please let me know. Feel free to modify this and share it to the community.

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    • CoveredCap_3c.stl
    • LaFactoria3D_Covid_mask_V1.stl
    • LaFactoria3D_Covid_mask_cap_V1.stl
    • LaFactoria3D_Covid_mask_grid_V1.stl

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020/04/20 17:31





I've been a 3D artist / animator since the late 80's, primarily working in the entertainment industry and game production. At the moment I do most of my modeling in 3DS Max just because it's what I use at work, but also generally switch between that, Maya, and ZBrush. Currently preferred slicer is Cura.

About those masks...

Obviously, PPE is a wonderfully effective use of our resources. However, as important as the additional protection is, it can add stress for people receiving treatment and not being able to connect with healthcare workers. This goes even more for the healthcare workers themselves during an incredibly stressful time, and for children having to wear additional protection. This is what motivated me to work on these designs, to create some options for those who need a little stress relief without compromising their usefulness.

I try to keep my designs kid-friendly[^1], but there aren't many character options that don't seem scary or villainous. So I greatly appreciate the suggestions I get, and if I see a way to adopt it effectively for the current base mask I will jump on it.

Oh, and of my mask designs are completely free. I won't charge for custom designs as I am keeping them interchangeable with LaFactoria3D's original model, and it just doesn't feel right charging during a shortage of PPE. I appreciate donations of course to offset the cost of test prints, but please do not feel pressured to chip in.

[^1]: Well, except for the "headcrab". I know that one is creepy, but sometimes you have to embrace a weird idea and I wanted to experiment with some software. Think of that one as an option to keep others two meters away.

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