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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

3D Printed RC Piper J3 CUB 1/8




Flight video:

Test file: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/test-file-j3-cub-avio-print-avioprint3d

We present fully printable scale model of the iconic Piper J-3 CUB. The famous sport airplane is recreated with all major details for best look, including a movable rear wheel, wing struts or boxer engine. 

To speed up the assembly process all the major parts are equipped witch an assembly guide feature, to help with bonding and to avoid misalignments.

The plane can be recommended for medium skilled pilots, we do not recommend it for beginners.


Wingspan: 1380mm
Length: 855mm
Height: 275mm
Wing Area: 23,8dm2
Wing Load PLA: 58g/dm2
Ready to fly weight PLA (3s2200mah): 1380g
4 channel control: motor, ailerons, elevator, rudder

Product set contains:

  • STL files - designed for use with FDM 3d printer and a slicer like CURA, SIMPLYFY 3D or similar.

  • Simplify3D Factory Files,

  • Simplify3D Print Profiles,


  • GCODES – prepared to use with XYZ style printers equipped
    with bowden and heated bed size of 300x300 like the Tevo
    Tornado or similar.



  • Scale markings – print and place on the model for best look.

Required to fly:

  • 3536 (2814) 3F engine
  • 40A 3S Capable ESC
  • 10x7 propeller
  • 3S 2300 mAh
  • 4 channel radio system
  • 4 x mini servo Hitec HS65 or similar size,


Designed for PLA/PETG use

STL Files works with CURA

For detailed information please check the PDF USER GUIDE:

3D printer requirements:
Build volume at least XYZ 200/200/200mm
Nozzle 0.4mm
Heated Bed
Recommended Adhesion Pad

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: ZIP Datei-Details Schließen
    • AVIO PRINT_J-3 CUB_1380mm__1.2.zip

    Mehr zu den Formaten

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2021/01/24 20:48





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I have an Artillery Genius Pro printer and I use Cura to slice my STL. With this configuration (although I have set up Cura as shown in the printing guide and also as shown on the page: https://avioprint.com/help/slicing-stl-files/) it does not work : Cura tell me that there are some parts missing (model errors) and indeed, when I print them there are unprinted parts (like holes) that make them unusable.

What a pity because I bought the material to go with this plane (motor, battery, etc.) but I can't do anything with it ....

I tried to send a message to AVIOPRINT through their contact form ten days ago but I havent got any response... :(

Hi, you can contact us by email: avioprint3d@gmail.com. Which cura did you use ? Can you send us your output gcode ? STL files are correct so the problem is Cura setup or your printer setup.

To complete my first comment: following my message, Avio Print provided excellent support to resolve my few problems. Obviously the problems came from my local settings ... Thank you very much to Avio Print and bravo for what you are doing!

Hello, it would not be the first plane that I make in PLA, and I have flown and air it well, I think that this exquisite model of the Piper Cub, it will be amazing to see it fly.
Airliners are also destroyed if they are mistreated.


I'm glad you like it :) Yes I'm planning to design more planes, soon I will post more info about next project on Avio Print FB page. Bronco is nice plane. I would like to make one but at this moment I can't promise anything, too much work with upcoming project's.

Amazing design, I am halfway on mine and to this moment can´t say anything negative about it (I will update the post once finished). Great job !
Are you planning to design more planes? What´s next? An OV10 Bronco by any chance??? Again congrats !!

Settings are provided in separate PDF FILE, please check folder "04_PRINT_SETTINGS", there is J-3 CUB_PLA_PRINT SETTINGS.pdf, also there are profiles ready for import to CURA Slicer. In the name of each part you will find information about with profile should be use to print it - last digit in the name of file. For example part: 205_WING_LH_5_No_1 should be printed with Print Settings No.1 but part 227 STRUT_FRONT_RH_1_No_3 needs to be printed with Print Settings No.3. Also User Guide in Table. 1 on page 6 has information which profile should be used for exact part. Is this helpful for you?

I have looked through the included guide, but cannot find any mention of the recommended print settings (layer height, shell thickness, infill, etc). When I run the parts through Cura with very conservative settings, I am getting weights that are much higher than those listed in the part list chart. Can you provide the settings you used to create your GCODE files?

I agree with previous comment, this is a challenge to print and builid but to fly it and keep it in one piece is going to be hard.

I fly foam models. and I know what a pain it is to fix them when they crash. I would hate to see what happens to this on a failed flight. Printing all those long and tedious hours to end up with just a handful of pla when it hits the ground. It is a good design, dont get me wrong, but please mention this is not for the first time flier. Tail draggers alone are hard enough to fly in foam or balsa wood.

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