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CD phone holder

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Mount in CD player slot to attach a cellphone holder/charger

I bought a cellphone holder/wireless charger https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Proelio-Wireless-Car-Charger-Phone-Holder-for-iPhone-8-X-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-S7-S8/32844712249.html which is designed to clamp onto the the vent. I then bought a Peugeot 206cc, which has vents with a shape that the clamp won't hold onto. :(

And, anyway, I'd rather not have the phone held in front of the vent, so I don't get the cooling or heating. So I designed this to go into the CD slot; I don't (and don't expect to ever) use the CD slot, since I play music from my phone via Bluetooth.

There's no need to glue the parts together... once inserted into the CD slot, everything is held in place by friction.

This thing is designed specifically for my 2005 Peugeot 206cc which has a factory-fitted Clarion CD player, but should probably be just fine for any 2005 206, maybe any 2005 Peugeot, maybe any Peugeot, whether LHD or RHD. It will probably work OK in many other car makes and models.

Specific things that may make it incompatible with a car model are the overhang above the radio (15mm above the slot, 18mm deep at 15 degrees on my car), and the location of buttons below the slot (8mm below the slot, with a 4mm gap 53mm from the RH-side). The buttons are asymmetric with respect to the slot.

[Edit 7 Jun 2018]

I didn't like the first version... there was play between the various parts, so it wobbled around. (Maybe glueing would have helped?). And the position of the clamp was quite limited, which meant the position of the phone was quite limited.

So I've designed and printed Version 2, which is only 2 pieces, which are clamped (or glued) together. Before even trying V2, I've decided I don't like it... the phone looks to still be too far out from the dash, so I think it will wobble about. Uploaded here in case anyone prefers this version.

[12 June 2018] Added some photos of V2. The red/pink bits are a glued-patch due to my printer stopping 8mm before finishing that part :( If you look closely, you'll see a fair amount of hot-glue to reinforce the part to minimize wobble. Which is not too bad, with the clamp near the bottom of the attachment, so the phone is as close too the dash as possible.

[25 June 1018]

Version 3 is here. This is in two parts like V2, but has a 17mm ball on it, half on each part. This replaces the clamp piece from the phone holder, and instead puts the printed ball into the socket on the back of the phone holder. As well, this is more asymmetric... it puts the phone at the right-hand end of the CD slot rather than near the middle. This means its not above the gear shift, and closer for me in a right-hand drive car. Not so good for a left-hand drive car though. Also more detail on the slot... it is a bit narrower at the ends than in the middle.

Tried it in the car... no wobble! Yay! But the support under the ball is in completely the wrong place. :( Every bump in the road changes the radio station. :(

[15 July 2018]. V4 is much improved, redesigned from the ground up. The main thing is a couple of little hooks at the ends of the slot insert that catch into recesses behind the fascia of the CD player. So now the mount doesn't fall out of the player. To make this work, the join between the two parts is sloped at 30 degrees. Insert the right hand part first, then insert the left hand part at the left-hand end, and rotate it into place. Again, the socket clamp of the phone holder holds both parts together.

A little bit of wobble has returned :( And I want to move the phone about another 10mm right and down, so I'll be working on V4.1.

[23 July 2018]. V4.1 -- the ball is centred above the gap between the buttons, with a small brace in that gap. It's also 10mm lower, and perhaps 5mm further forward. This is about as far forward as it can go. There's no wobble, and it's clear of my hands and fingers when I change gear of use the indicators or whatever.

Whilst it would be nice to have a better range of movement of the ball joint, this is good enough for me.

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    • cd_mount_V4.stl

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