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Rattus Muscularis

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

When Clan Moulder first began their capitalistic venture into breeding war beasts, their giant rats and beasts of burden did provide a good foundational income, but the soon-to-be Master Mutators knew they had to find a viable creature to truly fulfill the niche that many clans would pay top-warpstone to acquire. This question was answered with the eventual successful mutation known as the Rat Ogre. While their exact origin is the result of many complicated mutagenic experiments, the result was splicing the massive bulk of an Ogre with that of a Skaven. Many other cross-breeds and fusions were factored into their genetic makeup, all made possible by the highly volatile mutative properties provided by Warpstone. The end result was the absolute most popular product that Clan Moulder has ever produced.

Rat Ogres are incredibly muscular; their upper bodies so bulky that they have to walk on their forelimbs for support, similar to gorillas. Their bodies are covered in stitches and scars from , with any limbs that do not grow in successfully being replaced with crudely Grafted-on prosthetic weapons, such as blades, mauls, drills, and claws. They rip and tear through the enemy with their bare hands. Their unnaturally deep roars drowning out the enemy's screams.

While successful war beasts, their main flaw is their intellect. They are considered very dim-witted, being heavily reliant on their Packmasters to remain coordinated. This is a double edged-sword, as this can also make them very easy to tame and keep loyal (relatively speaking for their size).

Included are 29 Rat Ogres in a multitude of different poses and a variety of grafted weapons. This includes Mauls, Drills, Warpstone Drills, Blades, and Bare Fists. 5 are also posed thrashing around a few soldiers. The .3mf file contains all the meshes separately for those who wish to arrange them differently. Also included is a pre-supported version a group of 3 Rat-Ogres for anyone who wishes to try it on their own.

EDIT (6/30/21): Separated out the Rat Ogres with Harnesses from the standard ones for ease of access.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: 3MFundSTL Datei-Details Schließen
    • Mutant Rat Ogre 1.stl
    • Mutant Rat Ogre 2.stl
    • Mutant Rat Ogre 3.stl
    • Mutant Rat Ogre 4.stl
    • Mutant Rat Ogres.3mf
    • Rat Ogre 1.stl
    • Rat Ogre 10 (Fists).stl
    • Rat Ogre 11 (Fists).stl
    • Rat Ogre 12 (Fists).stl
    • Rat Ogre 13 (Fists).stl
    • Rat Ogre 14.stl
    • Rat Ogre 15.stl
    • Rat Ogre 16.stl
    • Rat Ogre 17.stl
    • Rat Ogre 18.stl
    • Rat Ogre 19.stl
    • Rat Ogre 2.stl
    • Rat Ogre 20.stl
    • Rat Ogre 21 (Soldier Grab).stl
    • Rat Ogre 22 (Soldier Grab).stl
    • Rat Ogre 23 (Soldier Grab).stl
    • Rat Ogre 24 (Soldier Grab).stl
    • Rat Ogre 25 (Soldier Grab).stl
    • Rat Ogre 3.stl
    • Rat Ogre 4.stl
    • Rat Ogre 5.stl
    • Rat Ogre 6.stl
    • Rat Ogre 7.stl
    • Rat Ogre 8.stl
    • Rat Ogre 9 (Fists).stl
    • Rat Ogre Test Print 1 (Supported).stl
    • Rat Ogres.3mf

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2021/04/13 06:42





Whether they be miniatures for tabletop wargaming or large figurines for the shelf, 3D-Printing is my passion. I release nearly every print I do to the public, so please check the file list and see if there's anything you like.

NOTE: For anyone who is unfamiliar with 3D Manufacturing Format (.3mf) I recommend Microsoft 3D-Builder to open and modify them as needed. It's an incredibly useful program I use in almost every workflow I do.

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Will these models work if printed in PLA? I’m having trouble at the moment and was just wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if the material just isn’t right? (I’m new to printing also.)

Another Note: I'm having a lot of trouble preserving the nails that are in some of the tails. At least with the water-washable resin I've been using, they are extremely thin, and I tend to lose them somewhere in-between removing supports and the final wash. (Also a problem with the "RATTUS MUSCULARIS CATAFRACTATUS" models).
Assuming you've gotten them to work, do you use any particular type of resin? I have bottles of standard and abs-like resin coming in the mail, and if one of those is the secret ingredient I'll just go ahead and try it on these guys.

My go-to resin for the longest time has been Elegoo Grey and Elegoo Green, both the Water-Washable variants.

Gotcha. I'll try the other resins and see if they help, but I guess overall I'll just need to be more careful.

Cool models dude! I'm having a lot of fun printing and painting them.
Just a note though: The "Rat Ogre 9 (Harness)" stl has a gouge/cut along its lower neck, so the head doesn't appear fully connected to the body. Seems to be the case in the 3ml as well.

I’ll have to remedy that. Thank you for letting me know. Please post print results when you are done, as I’d love to see them.

Sure. I just posted my make.

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