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Lucius Wardog Titan

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

Ein Wardog-Titan nach Lucius-Muster

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STL Datei-Details Schließen
    • ankle.STL
    • arm_joint.STL
    • foot.STL
    • head.STL
    • hip.STL
    • hip_joint.STL
    • hip_pistonx6.STL
    • leg01.STL
    • leg02.STL
    • leg03.STL
    • leg_armor01.STL
    • leg_armor02.STL
    • leg_pistonx10.STL
    • neck_cables.STL
    • stormbolter.STL
    • toe_endx6.STL
    • toe_middle_tipx2.STL
    • toe_midx6.STL
    • toe_piston.STL
    • toe_rearx2.STL
    • toe_side_tipx4.STL
    • torso01.STL
    • torso02.STL
    • torso03.STL
    • torso04.STL
    • turbolaser01.STL
    • turbolaser02.STL
    • void_generator.STL

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  • Letzte Aktualisierung: 2020/04/15 20:51
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020/01/19 04:53





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25 Kommentare

so does anyone know how to get mirred part or others

What would be a good infill type for this print

is this already at 28mm scale or does it need scaling?

Has anyone attempted interior details for this great model?

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Either keep it as is which looks fine (I've printed 2) or up it by 12%

what does the 12 percent do? makes it good for 28 mm?

Yeah im about to start printing this evening. it seems about the right size.

When I put it in Cura, it says there are manifold problems?

What percentage to print this to 28mm scale?

On another note, there is no seperate middle toe. They're all the same except the rear toe. I didn't upscale any of it and while the arm joints are a bit small, i've used 10 x 2mm magnets and they hold fine.

Just printed one on an Ender 3 Pro, so yes it will print. Just adjust your settings and layer height depending on which part you're printing

I am not sure, I only use a resin printer. But the other two makers seem like they have been using a FDM printer and got decent results.

Will this print on an fdm printer like an ender 3 pro?

It looks like the middle toe was mistakenly replaced by the model from the side toes? The two models are identical, but looking at the pre-assembled foot, it's clear that the middle toe is larger and has a mecha skull emblem on it? It also looks like there's this boxy section on the toes "ends" that prevents one from assembling the toes (it requires filing/cutting it away or remove it before printing).

Other than those two issues, I have no complains about this model! It's really, really nice!

If you use Chitubox to slice it, there is an option for mirroring the piece. Other programs should have this function too.


I'm printing this now and I'm a bit stuck. The download only has one shoulder section - is there a way to "flip" the "torso 3" file so it prints a right shoulder?


I scaled up every part except the Megabolter to 120%. Not sure if its the exact size, but it seems right.

hi there can u please tell me if this needs scaling up at all or if it is the right size cheers

Strange, I got it a few weeks ago in one Zip file.

any chance of a complete download file rather than individual parts?

Only torso, head and arm joints seem to be a little too small. I am not quite sure how much it needs to be upscaled, but the Megabolter loooks to be in scale. I came to the conclusion because the V.Bolter socket is far too large for the ball joint...so I will proceed to print a small version, and the a upscaled version to fit the V.Bolter. Will Post it after completion, will take a while on the elegoo mars pro.

Amazing sculpt. I know the scale is off but not sure how much more it should be scaled up percentage wise to be in line with 28 mm? Would anyone have a best guess? even 130% still seems a bit small to me?

Issue with the Hips not being a closed mesh, and the weapon mounts don't seem correctly sized for the ball sockets on the model. Not a huge issue, but limits range of motion when positioning.
Hips can be fixed in Meshmixer by running close gaps, and hollow commands under the edit tab. Just be sure to punch holes (if resin) to allow them to drain.
Also, you'll need to source some plastic rods or do a quick tubular extrusion for the pistons in the joints on the "knee", as they don't exist in the file.
Also, Also, .... hollow your shoulder armour if printing in resin. the mass WILL guarantee that the prints will pull away from your build plate, and droop.

Overall, killer model.

great job with this i am printing it as we speak. only issue i have found it the middle toe seems to be the same as the side toes. there are the 2 files in the zip but they are no different unlike the whole foot stl. is there a way to see if its just a mistake?

Did you fix it in mesh mixer or netlabs?

hi there i may be missing something but i cant seem to get the hip joint to print it just shows as blank any help would be apreciated

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