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Katarachnophron (Kataphron with Legs)

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

###Intention of the Design
Replacement of the tread-drive-unit of the Kataphron troop models. Please note, that you will still require the original Kataphron models to finish the model, because all I provide here are the legs, everything else (Torso, weapons, heads, etc.) you will still need to buy.

###Motivation for the Design
The AdMech army is missing a central theme in their model designs. Some models share common feeatures, and then others totally break with it. You can break it down to "all models published in the same period share similarities, but break with the rest".

I don't like that. I like a common, central theme to an army that exceeds "rivets and pipes", and the color scheme I chose for it.

I also love the Onager Dunecrawler and its spidery legs.

Therefore, I started to think about how I can actually get a common theme into my Adeptus Mechanicus Army, and when I started building and painting the Kataphrons, I knew what I had to do.

###Consider this "work in progress", please
You can print all the parts uploaded here, but I'm still in the process of refining the bits and pieces, so there might be slight changes in the bits, until I'm finally satisfied. First prototype prints have come out pretty well, so I don't expect many changes to come.

###Please note before printing
Also, please note that I have provided a file called "katarachnophron-exploded.stl", which basically contains the whole model in an exploded arrangement, so you can see where each part belongs when you build it later.

###Some parts are borrowed
Some parts I used are borrowed from other things here on Thingiverse. That's why I marked this thing as a remix, and provided the link to the things I utilized as sources, because credit has to go to those, it belongs to.
But to make it very clear, here again:
* Legs, leg-joint parts are from Seb Theis' Sand Walker
* The skull-cog is MonkeyBob's Adeptus Mechanicus Token

No copyright infringement intended. All parts are completely of my own making, created from scratch using Blender, except for those parts mentioned earlier. No copyrighted product has been scanned or copied in any way. These models are for personal use only, as proxies / alternatives, and should never be sold. If it causes copyright issues, i will remove it.

###Scaling necessary?
Scale should fit the original miniature, compensation for possible material shrinking during print might be necessary.


As printing is a complex undertaking, please understand that I won't provide support on how to print my models. Read the manuals that come with your printers and your printing medium (be that filement, resin or whatever), and follow the instructions and / or your own experience.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STL Datei-Details Schließen
    • abdomen-complete.stl
    • abdomen-part-1.stl
    • abdomen-part-2.stl
    • exhaust-pipe.stl
    • front-shield-a.stl
    • front-shield-b.stl
    • katarachnophron-exploded.stl
    • leg-complete.stl
    • leg-joint-lower-part.stl
    • leg-joint-upper-part.stl
    • leg-part-1.stl
    • leg-part-2.stl
    • pelvis.stl

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I'm doing 3D design and printing as a hobby, my designs are mainly driven by my own "needs", or requests of my family and friends.

Designs, which are not 100% my own, but have been remixed, or created from scratch in my own way but look like something already existing will always be uploaded for free. I do not intend to infringe anyone's IP. And I will take down any model if asked to, should it violate someone's copyright.

However, some designs I will upload that will not be available for free. These are designs that are absolutely and 100% my own intellectual property, have been created by myself from scratch, and I have the source to prove it.
Rest assured, I won't charge much, because I'm not a professional, but nonetheless, designing models in good quality for printing requires a lot of time. A small recompensation, out of respect for this time spent and the work invested, is probably not too much to ask for. In the end, you do benfit from it, as you pay once, and can print it as often as you like.

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