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Interstellar Janitor's Rockin' and Rollin' Dual Hoovering Flying Floor Vac

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells


Ah! You startled me. Nobody usually comes out this time of night. Perfect opportunity to for me to really get the carpets looking great. You likely never knew how the carpet gets those awesome patterns. Heck I'd wager you never looked down and noticed the floor. That's okay. Most people don't. But I tell you what I got these new noise cancelling music headphones and upgraded to double vacuums on the olde flying hoover and now I can make fine art. Intricate vacuum lines and swirls with not a single footprint.

Now there have been downsides. There was that time that a whole group of 'less than desirables' seemingly strolled right behind me while I was jammin' out. And while a lot of the guys still blame me, I can tell the big guy really appreciates the carpets. He looks so serene staring at them for centuries at a time. Also that one time I was supposed to get a bunch of guys to a party, but I hadn't had the chance to empty out the dust. On the way there we hit some turbulence and all that dust and debris got kicked up and stuck to them. At first glance you'd have thought I was transporting those who had been plague infected. Oh well, that's what happens when you rush and artist.

Don't mean to be rude but I must get back to work. "HALF WAY THERE,

This thing is an absolute beast. Not including the wings, it's a little over 26mm (10.5") wide and 24mm (9.25") long. It weighs nearly 600g, printed with 4 walls and 8% infill. I've been looking forward to doing this model for a while and I'm really happy with the results. Parts are oriented for FDM printing. Alignment holes are designed to use 1.75mm filament or 1/16" pegs.

UPDATE 4/25/19: Uploaded the base and support piece for the flying stand.
UPDATE 5/3/19: Corrected mesh issues for DropshipWingRearRightV2.
UPDATE 5/9/19: Uploaded correct model for Dropship-SponsonForeRight.stl

Inferior Armaments Now available.

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Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STL Datei-Details Schließen
    • Dropship-Base.stl
    • Dropship-FlyingSupport.stl
    • Dropship-FuselageAft.stl
    • Dropship-FuselageFore.stl
    • Dropship-Hatch.stl
    • Dropship-HeadphoneLeft.stl
    • Dropship-HeadphoneRight.stl
    • Dropship-HooverLeft.stl
    • Dropship-HooverRight.stl
    • Dropship-SponsonAftLeft.stl
    • Dropship-SponsonAftRight.stl
    • Dropship-SponsonForeLeft.stl
    • Dropship-SponsonForeRight.stl
    • Dropship-SponsonMountLeft.stl
    • Dropship-SponsonMountRight.stl
    • Dropship-WingFrontLeft.stl
    • Dropship-WingFrontRight.stl
    • DropshipWingRearLeft.stl
    • DropshipWingRearRightV2.stl

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2019/06/20 16:02





If you feel the overwhelming inclination to show your gratitude, tips are always greatly appreciated. Spenden

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I do not plan on doing any more work on Custodes.

Are you ever planning on making an Ares Gunship? That would be much appreciated.

Any pieces in particular that need supports?

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