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Fake Fingers Model Practice Training Nail Art False Tips Display Tool - Hooks holder additional suspended towel 3d-print cnc

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Fake Fingers Model Practice Training Nail Art False Tips Display Tool - Hooks holder additional suspended towel 3d-print cnc

Fake Fingers Model Practice Training Nail Art False Tips Display Tool
Hooks and holders additional suspended for bath and towel dryers.

Print any quantity of any color.

Fake Fingers Model Practice Training Nail Art False Tips Display Tool - Crochets titulaire supplémentaire suspendu serviette 3d-print cnc

Faux doigts modèle pratique formation nail art faux conseils outil d'affichage
Crochets et supports supplémentaires suspendus pour baignoire et sèche-serviettes.

Imprimez n'importe quelle quantité de n'importe quelle couleur.

Fake Fingers Modell Übung Training Nail Art Falsche Tipps Display Tool - Hakenhalter zusätzliche hängende Handtuch 3D-Druck cnc

Fake Fingers Modell Übung Training Nail Art Falsche Tipps Display Tool
Haken und Halter zusätzlich aufgehängt für Bad- und Handtuchtrockner.

Drucken Sie eine beliebige Menge einer beliebigen Farbe.

Dedos falsos Modelo Práctica Entrenamiento Nail Art Consejos falsos Herramienta de visualización - Ganchos titular toalla suspendida adicional cnc de impresión 3d

Dedos falsos Modelo Práctica Entrenamiento Nail Art False Tips Display Tool
Ganchos y soportes adicionales suspendidos para bañeras y secadores de toallas.

Imprima cualquier cantidad de cualquier color.

Modelo de dedos falsos: prática prática de treinamento da arte do prego Dicas falsas - Ferramenta de exibição - Suporte de ganchos toalha suspensa adicional 3d-print cnc

Modelo de dedos falsos prática de treinamento da arte do prego ferramenta de exibição de dicas falsas
Ganchos e suportes adicionais suspensos para secadores de banho e toalhas.

Imprima qualquer quantidade de qualquer cor.

Model initially created by solidmade.

You can make the product on a 3D printer or cnc machine from plastic, glass, steel, clay and any materials.
the model can also be made using cnc machine turning wood.Also the model can be executions in castings.
If necessary, I can make injection molds for pouring on a separate order for an agreed payment.

The size is shown in the scetch or drawings.
the model is easily scaled to the desired size when using your 3D printing software

Render scene is not included.

Suitable for graphical projects and 3D print or cnc projects.

Everything can be seen in the photo.

the model is easily scaled in any program for printing, etc.

The model can be printed as a 3D model, as well as produced on CNC machines.

Made in solidmade, tested in the manufacture of the master model of the product.

Saving stl & obj files occurs at the average values of polygons. This is usually enough to print a model in a 3D printer,
but it may not be enough when producing a model on a CNC machine. In this case, please contact, it is possible to save files
at high values, but this will give a sharp increase in file size.

This is a fully solid-state version for 3d-print, this is not a scan version.

At the photos you can see the contours of the models on screens with stl or obj files, it is enough
to understand the possibility of printing a model or producing a model by a cnc machine

It is possible to model anyone another model according to your size or drawings and sketches.

ATTENTION! This item is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL *OBJ file format) for ARTCAM, ASPIRE, CUT3D,Simplify3D, Cura and
anyone software applications for CNC and 3D printers.

The settings for the Cura slicer are shown for example and to understand that the slicer does not produce errors.
To print prototypes, this is usually enough to evaluate the suitability of the model for the intended image. The specific settings
should depend on your printer and the filament used for printing.

Its files For CNC Routers and 3D printers.

Not a vectric, not a bitmap file, not a G-code. You buy a digital model image file for the manufacture of the product,
and not the product itself as a physical unit of goods made of glass or wood.

All copyrights to these hosted models belong to the author.

Models are placed for manufacture and personal use in any quantity and any color, without selling the produced models.

Non-commercial use only.
Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

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    • fake_finger_02_low.stl
    • fake_finger_02_low.zip

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020-04-14 10:45





Modeling products and preparing products for production on CNC machines and 3D printing on production printers. Design of private houses, fences, doors, gates, furniture, industrial products of a wide range. I will answer all questions, only consider the possible misunderstanding asso.

Engineering design, the creation of electronic forms for the manufacture of prototypes, models or spare parts for casting aluminum, bronze alloys, resins, plastics and other materials, as well as for cutting, stamping and milling parts on CNC machines taking into account tolerances, fit and conditions processing and grinding of these parts, or printing of parts and products on an industrial 3D printer, including printing with metal mixtures and compositions with different types of application of these compositions on the surface.

The design process follows your drawings, sketches or full-scale details.

A serious approach to design allows you to avoid problems at the stage of manufacturing parts and manufacturing parts from different materials and on different technological equipment. The use of modern software allows you to significantly speed up the process, creating layouts and prototypes of complex structures with a high level of detail. The resulting product is applicable to paperless production technology. Forms and formats of high-quality models of execution can immediately go to the CAM module for further translation into machine codes for CNC and 3D printers.

The obtained forms can be intended both for casting from a different number of fasteners of the form itself, and for manufacturing one-piece casting or part.

The form or model can be issued, including, in the form of STL AMF model ready to manufacture with a sufficient number of accurate polygons.

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