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Predator Bust With Hair (35mb)

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

The Predator Bust! (finally with hair!)

Well,this was a fun one... about a week getting all the hair right, and that was even after borrowing a low poly hair off google, which only had 2 sides of a triangle for each hair piece (useless) so used the snake hook tool to copy the hair in zbrush and pull it around the low poly one, strand for strand and just made my own over the top, so while I did make the model I have to say that I had some help that's for sure but then again, tentacle hair as it turns out isn't that hard to do, more the actual flow of the hair - over shoulders and not touch it at the same time!

I will eventually have it all as one bust piece but - how to print it will be the hard part - right now, there is only 1 way to print this well, upside down. Please see photos for it on the build plate directly after print, a little messy but not many supports at all - I wanted virtually zero supports for the hair, otherwise you would just break them all.

The hair is off to the side because this will eventually go on the second piece of the puzzle that's a really detailed chest piece (note the hole in the base of the neck - still working on the chest. I figure this will be hard enough for some to print.. so if you can print this part, the chest will be a walk in the park.

If I can print it on a $1k Flashforge printer, then can do it on your $3k makerbot. :)

Please read the instructions for printing advice.

p.s And YES if you are wondering,. I broke one hair during the painting process, but it was one small hair from underneath the back an was not noticed, so I didn't even bother to glue it back on - nothing in the painted shot was broken off or fixed.

I tried many different ways but at max build height its a good 5-6 hour build. At 10cm high which is the printed test, is 4.5 hours using 2 shells at 0%infill. The infill I suggest none because of the hair, there is enough hair for it to cool the layers while it prints each one - as you can see my very first test run was good enough to print and paint.

Total time Print/Paint 6 hours (4.5print/1.5 paint)


Printing Tips

Print as shown and placed in the STL file, do not vary the angle or you will generate supports for the hair.

Reeuires Raft and Support, but as you can see they are minimal - and trust me, you want a raft with this hair, I got to the last 1cm of height and was just crossing my fingers it printed, and they printed pretty well.

Printed at 0.2mm tolerance, not designed for anything higher than 0.25mm, I have not tested at 0.3mm layer tolerance.

Printed in ABS, I suggest 0% infill and minimum 2 shells.
I printed mine at 70ms Feed, 120ms travel

At 10cm high with the above settings it is a 4.5 hour print.

PLA? hmm that hair will be tricky with PLA, cooling fan would be required for sure.

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2016/12/12 15:38




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Thanks for downloading, If you enjoy my models here, I guarantee you'll love the ones on my Patreon! :)

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