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Mary Jane Monroe aka Female Venom - Bimbo Series Model 2 - by SPARX

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

The second of a series of "Female- Bimbo" (no offense to female members just Bimbo fits!) alternatives to Marvel and DC characters.
This is not an easy printable but it is if you follow the instructional PDF
There is full details of my inspirations, design tools used etc. in the enclosed instructions.pdf, I strongly advise downloading this to get the best possible print.


All supports and fill info in the Instruction.PDF, please download this . .

There is a lot of post printing joining legs and torso to legs but no more difficult than any of previous models.
All parts have been Acetone vapoured after sanding.
Then two coats undercoat , acrylic paint then final 3 coats semi gloss sealer.

How I Designed This
I wanted to make this without any cost and needed to use tools available from sources that are truly FREE.
My technique was simple . .. Daz set pose with built in models then export with no materials as OBJ. Find Free royalty free objects I could then draw in 123D, or load into Meshmixer and scale/place onto my female. Once this was done, extrude the clothing into the female body, then combine, make solid . . a little trip into Netfabb, fix, save, back into Meshmixer and spend many days sculpting all of the detail. . .its still the same as my first model some two year ago but I know how to use the programs. a lot better than before.
The heads look a bit rough around the hair area, but trust me they print perfect.

Hair is the one thing I have found does not print well unless it is very exaggerated so yes its getting better . .

Custom Section
There are two heads , Mary-Lyn Jane herself and a half venom head. Both heads fit the body but if you use the Phincen pin you will have to drill a hole in head or make your pin removable. . as ever any questions message me!


Print Settings
All supports and fill info in the Instruction.PDF, please download this . .
While you are printing this model , please bear in mind how complicated, yet at the same time, each piece has its own challenge . .you will get along great. To inspire you along the way on the right a picture of the finished , painted version . . .
All the parts have been printed and developed to print, even if it meant 11 different heads to get it right! Yep hair has always been my challenge in 3D printing and have never found an easy way to sculpt yet .. so for all the hair doesn’t look great as an STL or OBJ in your viewers believe me they print out very easy as long as you follow the settings and orientation below.

Recently I have been asked “why this is not printing? “ Or “This is fill of holes when printed?” Etc. . . please do not scale down or adjust my recommended settings for infill etc. . . as you can see from the pictures this prints very well and I believe you will be pleased with the result when completed.
Again the tools used are Daz and free models, Meshmixer for sculpting and a combination of Nettfab to fix models. . .so here we go. . . . . .
All of the printing was at 0.2mm, slow speed . . different thicknesses/fill percentage used for various parts . . as detailed below.

The head orientation is how it lands see opposite, it will need support in this orientation but It will create the hole for fixing and the eyelids/nose definition is better. I designed this 3 times and printed off 3 of each before succsess.
Infill 80 -90%

pincin head pin.STL
This model comes with a Phicen pin for the 1/6th scale heads you can purchase, so If painting heads is not your thing buy a Marilyn head..
The pin socket

Comes in a split version “2 part pin holder.stl”
For those that cant print a flexible TPE or similar to fit to you purchased head.

You will need to add supports in this orientation, however this is again the third position I tried with the new hair to get a great print . . same as Head3 it will need
Infill 80 -90%

venom hand.STL
I have added the supports in Meshmixer to enable a good print of this hand again needs to be a solid and slow as your Printer allows as it’s a very delicate piece
Infill 80 -90%

left leg with supports.STL
I have added the supports in Meshmixer to enable a good print of this leg and shoe, the reason for the lying down orientation is to ensure the stiletto of the shoe prints in article slice for strength.
Infill 80 -90%
For those wanting to print with their own supports or orientation I have added . .
left leg and shoe.STL
The one standing up in the picture . .
So now you have getting this far . . lets try some of the harder bits . .
full torso and dress self supporting_fixed.STL
Now I know that some will ask why the orientation will it print without supports! . .this dress has been modelled to land on the print platform in this way to steady the print while printing as each corner of the dress is in contact with the print bed . .yet when assembled doesn’t look too geometric and the flair looks random. This took the longest to print but not as long as it took to design. . so be patient and let it print for 15hrs!
Infill 60 -90%
I can forward a gcode or 3w file of the slice and supports as an stl file with the supports is a very large file . .PM me if you need this.
Here are two pictures of different support in two printer software’s . . . .to give you an idea . .

right leg.STL
The right leg looks very complicated bit actually prints out very flat and the grate on the base gives great stability while printing. Again it requires support and I used Meshmixer to generate supports so I could add or remove them ..
as we all cant afford Simplify3D, but don’t over support this object as it actually doesn’t need a lot.
This Right leg is in a single piece like the yellow picture with grate as the path is a separate piece . . see below.
Again I used a very high infill due to the nature of the grill and the Venom slime is thin in places. . .
Infill 60-90%

So that’s all you need unless you wish to print the path out. . as below. . the Path is very geometric shaped so requires no special supports or fill patters , print can be as little as 20% filled. .

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STLundZIP Datei-Details Schließen
    • 2 part pin holder.stl
    • Head3 .stl
    • back path_fixed.stl
    • front path_fixed.stl
    • full torso and dress self supporting_fixed.stl
    • instructions.zip
    • left leg and shoe.stl
    • left leg with supports.stl
    • pincin head pin.stl
    • right leg.stl
    • venom hand.stl
    • venom3HD.stl

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time in game industry, engineering background, sculptor, painter . .now for last 10 years 3D sculpting for print . . better pictures and video's of my work on Facebook page . .
Changed my user name to match my Sculpt Bio not my google email as it was . . I am still the same person!

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in Hindsight I could have, however the titles cannot be changed on this site, without deletion and reloading all models. . .so they have to stay that way.

Instead of bimbo, you probably could use the term Pinup/pin-up girl =) Nice model!

Idée originale.

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