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G1 Constructicons Hook

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  • Letzte Aktualisierung: 2020/09/30 15:47
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020/06/15 01:24





I’m a fan of Transformers G1 MP 3D printing diy maker

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thanks a lot!!! I´m printing now, I love it!

Great model, I really like the detail. I am printing it at 125% (masterpiece size) and find that the joints are all very loose. I assume that is because of the scale-up. When you scale something up, not only to the parts get bigger, but the holes and gaps get bigger too. For this to be useable at MP scale, the parts with "interior hinge" joints need to have the parts modified to work properly.

As you know, I'm working on detailing these parts, but I've encountered an unexpected issue with hook. After printing everything, all the hinge joints are extremely loose. Like i need to put a small amount of super glue on the hinges to create friction; maybe this was intentional and I missed something in the manual.

However, my biggest looseness issue, is hooks smaller crane boom. Part Green B36, is extremely loose, and does not seem to lock in to that little bump at the end of the crane. Did I do something wrong or is there a fix to this?

try print at 102% resize OR turn it X +90 degree

in what type of filament did you print this? PLA or ABS?


Hello, for legends size, what size percentage? thinking of getting it as same scale as the magic square 3rd party.. thanks in advance!

You can try some thin sheets of styrene to fill in tiny gaps that cause lose joints. Thats what i did on the normal size version. Its works great.
If you try it, do a dry fit first to see how it works and then glue in place. I had to use it of Hooks knee joints.

That crane boom is a pain to print at MP scale. I had 3 fails at 70%+. 4th time worked with a ridiculous amount of supports. At MP scale he has very loose knee joints. I used mounting putty but not enough apparently. I will try a dab of school glue.

jumbo clips for MP size
see manual pages 2 or 3..?

If you print it at masterpiece scale is it still enough room for the paperclips in the joints?

Thank you for sharing your experience

i found that printing the sliding hook at 126.4% scale made it hardy as well added much better support for the robot mode. do the same with the grey hook and you will be much happier with your model.

Another issue when printing rear cab at the 45 degree angle i found it to keep breaking off or the print would turn out like a banana so lay flat and save the filament

just stay your normal setting

WHat quality settings do you recommend printing this at? I normally print my stuff at 0.12 with a 20% infill . Are yours in the pictures printed at that or are they printed at standard 0.2 ?

I see a NEW picture of FULLY assembled Combiner! are combiner files Available separate, or are they with files to re-download?

Appreciate the follow up Thanks!

combiner parts is designing. someday in september . see lastly picture

No Updates on Finished Accessories for people who already purchased your product?

Nothing too big, you'll barely notice it in the photos. Maybe just the hole for the rod for the hook, but I did that manually just heating a clip and pushing through. I am printing Long Haul now and I don't understand how both will peg together for Devastator. I am also not getting how the hip articulation in hook (I guess that's for combining) works, since the arms are in the way.

nice to see you made small modifications
please upload your pics

Hi ! I am almost finished with this model. I think you forgot the hole for the pin for the hook in the extensive arm. I made one myself. Also, the little tab to hold his back seems a little bit short, I had so edit the STL file to extend it 1mm or it wouldn't peg.

We are all excited for Longhaul and Devastator! Can't wait

later of july maybe
and combined kit will be someday in august

I just finished Hook, and I'm compulsively checking Cults about 20 times a day to see if you've uploaded Long Haul. :)

I can't wait to see if you start on something else. Your work is excellent, and these models are so much fun to put together!

Sweet! I can't wait to get to him.

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