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Beach Fighter – by SPARX

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

A while ago someone posted a picture of Chun Li model on one of the 3D groups and asked if anyone was interested in sculpting the model. . .Now I normally do not reproduce sculptures of other existing models, but thought that the pose was a strong one and that I could improve the model for 3D printing. So the body has more muscle tone, the clothes have been modified to be print friendly etc.
The model, in question was using a costume from a publication “Swimsuit Special” so it could be argued that the original model isn’t exactly “original”
Given the subject matter is a reproduction all be it not an exact copy but my interpretation, it would be wrong in my mind to profit from another artists concepts . . so I I have uploaded this as “Fan Art” for Free

5 heads with this one! Yes the Default head and four other interchangeable heads with various expressions.

2 Torso’s, one Bikini top and one Topless. . . .as well as the 2 torso’s have an SLA and FDM variant . see pics.

The base is in 2 parts and the large part recessed to allow LED or other light source, should you print the water splash in transparent material . …


All of the parts are orientated to print base ready to print with your favorite slicer . .

All parts are cut files to fit build plate of small resin printers like the Photon, examples in images SLA orientated for least support and strongest print orientation, as seen in the images.
These orientations work for FDM printing but you may find a better orientation that reduces support.
All the parts have been printed and developed to print, A lot of prints have been produced to get the figures corrected and fault free.
The model is 1/6 scale and is approx. 340mm tall/long on its full base.
Why cut into many smaller parts I have been asked?
1. If you try and assemble this, then paint it . .it would be difficult to paint into hidden areas, less masking when painting separate parts.
2. Smaller parts not only allow for Resin print at full scale, but also allow individual parts to use less supports than one larger part on FDM printers
So now you know!
Please do not scale down or adjust my recommended settings for infill etc. . . as you can see from the pictures this prints very well and I believe you will be pleased with the result when completed.
All of my models are only released when they can print! so please do not remix or "fix" faults in this model then republish! If there is a fault then let me know . . message me I will answer and fix problem. . apart from that print make enjoy.
I make these models for my own collection but I am always open to suggestions of content for models that cover the DC and Marvel universe as well as TV and film cult images e.g. Barbarella. so message me if you have any ideas . .
As always enjoy the parts on offer.
People ask me why the detail is so prominent (not just the Bimbo bits) but the muscle tone, anatomy, clothing etc. on my models . . well as they are primarily made/designed for my own collection I always sand down with fine emery then have models subjected to an Acetone vapor bath for 60 seconds when using FDM. This seals the shells and makes a smoother appearance but removes some detail . . hence build more detail into the model . . hope you like.


Resin Printing;
Do not hollow arms, or hand
Wall 3.30, Right leg to keep strength for supporting model and the steel pin used in her base.
Rest of parts at 2.40mm
All parts will fit into small SLA printer.
All parts on FDM were print tested at 0.12 speed 50
ALWAYS dry assemble and “trim” parts prior gluing.
You can actually assemble the full model prior painting, no difficult areas to paint.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STL Datei-Details Schließen
    • FDM Torso Covered.stl
    • FDM Torso Topless.stl
    • FDM round base.stl
    • SLA_round_base.stl
    • _Chun_Li_Head.stl
    • _Chun_Li_Head_EX1.stl
    • _Chun_Li_Head_EX2.stl
    • _Chun_Li_Head_EX3.stl
    • _Chun_Li_Head_EX4.stl
    • _Left_leg.stl
    • _SLA_Torso_Covered.stl
    • _SLA_Torso_Topless.stl
    • _left_hand.stl
    • _right_arm.stl
    • _right_leg.stl
    • head pin.stl
    • splash insert.stl

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time in game industry, engineering background, sculptor, painter . .now for last 10 years 3D sculpting for print . . better pictures and video's of my work on Facebook page . .
Changed my user name to match my Sculpt Bio not my google email as it was . . I am still the same person!

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