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The HIVE Evo - Modular Drawer System

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

The HIVE Evo is a customizable, modular drawer system perfect for Engineers, Makers, and Hobbyists! Organize all your small parts from nuts and bolts to resistors, switches, and LED bulbs. No workshop is complete without an organization system!

The HIVE Evo Includes 2 types of drawers, 3 bin sizes for the customizable drawer, 2 drawer modules, and a wall mount. Print at higher speeds without supports or rafts! Rail and Slot test pieces have been added for users to optimize their print settings.

Questions? Need support? Send a personal message or contact me directly at o3dofficial@gmail.com

Includes STL, OBJ, and FBX formats.

Update 09/22/2020
- Fast print module added (print 80-90mm/s)
- Wall mount
- Rail and slot test prints added
- Knob holes widened on drawers for an easier fit

- The knob should fit easily in the drawer. If it does not for some reason carefully widen the holes on the drawer. Forcing the knob could cause the drawer to crack.
- Glue the knob to the drawer
- Print the rail and slot tests first to optimize your print settings. Faster speeds may cause slight warping which will affect the fit of the rails in the slots. The fast print module can easily be printed 80-90mm/s.

By downloading you agree to the terms and conditions of use https://tinyurl.com/O3D-model-use-terms


80-90mm/s - fast print module and all other components
60mm/s - regular module
10%-20% infill

The knob needs to be super glued to the drawer.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STLundZIP Datei-Details Schließen
    • HIVE 2.0 Knob.stl
    • HIVE Evo Bin LG.stl
    • HIVE Evo Bin MD.stl
    • HIVE Evo Bin SM.stl
    • HIVE Evo Drawer - Customizable.stl
    • HIVE Evo Drawer.stl
    • HIVE Evo Module Fast Print.stl
    • HIVE Evo Module.stl
    • HIVE Evo Wall Mount.stl
    • Rail test peice.stl
    • Slot test peice.stl
    • the-hive-evo-fbx-format.zip
    • the-hive-evo-obj-format.zip

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020/08/28 20:16





I am Daniel O'Connell, a Maker from Philadelphia. My philosophy is that every model must be as useful as it is beautiful.

For business inquiries please contact o3dofficial@gmail.com

Interested in selling my designs? Contact me before listing on Etsy or other sites. I will have your listing taken down if I did not grant you permission.

Please consider supporting me on PayPal

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I bought this a couple months back and I've gotten a ton of use out of it. I doubled the length and used five of them as a monitor stand. I also shortened them to 30mm and cut a recess in the bottom to accommodate a LEGO Minifig 4x3 baseplate, along with bending the modules around a 90-degree angle and inside a 45-degree corner.

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Any thoughts on making this compatible with 0.8mm nozzle at a 0.6mm layer height? The test parts so far have not done well with my 0.8mm nozzle, even at lower layer heights. I want to make a bunch of these, so my priority is to optimize print time as much as possible. With a larger nozzle/layer height you can cut print times in half.

is it possible to make a flat platform / ledge for the very top of this that joins together & finishes it off, so it becomes useful space that we can put things on..? I think it would really finish it off..

Important note: the "fast print module" has looser tolerances. It is optimized for 80-90mm/s printing. The original module has tighter tolerances and is optimized for 60mm/s print speed

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Are there any special settings for printing?

I have printed 2 and they do not fit together at all or so very difficult I had to force them in with a clamp and hammer.

And yet no defects on the print it is very clean.

Thank you

I have found that I need to thicken the vertical walls about 1-2 mm to make them stable.

I believe you have access to all files after purchase including files uploaded after the date of purchase. If there are any issues you can let me know and I will get the files to you.

If you add files after we buy this, do we get the new ones?

I will add a wall mounting bracket

Thanks for catching the typo! It should be 2 types of drawers

it contains 2, not 3, types of drawers, the stardard one and the customizable one

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