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Bubble Nest - Birdhouse

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An unusual and poetic birdhouse to decorate balconies or terraces, as well as a way to give these cute little animals a well-deserved rest. Embrace nature!

Some species of birds nest in the branches of trees and bushes, while others only reproduce in cavities; in spring and summer these birds are not found in areas with no nooks for them to nest in. The installation of artificial nests allows the return of these species, scarcely present in these areas due to the lack of nests.
The most suitable period for installing Bubble Nest is autumn, and also winter, before the breeding season. Installing it in advance allows some birds to discover the nest in time to occupy it for the cold seasons and then use it in spring for reproduction. Later installations are better for migratory birds such as the hoopoe, Eurasian wryneck, redstarts and flycatchers, as they use the nests from April.

Bubble Nest should be placed in peaceful and bright spots, out of reach of curious onlookers as well as cats. You can also place multiple nests near to one another, perhaps using the many colours of filament available! If you have a garden you can hide them in the branches of trees, fixing them securely and making sure to leave the entrance accessible. If you live in the city you can place it in the balcony under the eaves or on the balcony above. Do not put material inside; if needed the birds will arrange their own. To facilitate hatching you can put a handful of sawdust at the bottom, but nothing else. The nests should be cleaned annually by the end of September, otherwise the nest will not be used by birds in the next breeding season. In order to avoid the abandonment of the brood, look in as little as possible, and only if necessary!

Bubble Nest is an “open box nest” suitable for Flycatchers, Robins, White Wagtails, Redstarts, Wren and Blackbirds. It is important to know the habits of the various species that you want to attract to the nest. The autumn and winter months are the ideal time for the installation of the nest; if you put it in the vicinity of some feed (supermarket feed is fine - no breadcrumbs) this will facilitate the identification of the nest by birds.

Designed by: Serena Fanara


EUMAKEIT is a repository of ideas which lets you create extraordinary functional design models.

EUMAKEIT pays attention to the concept of reusing and respect for the enviroment. After creating the first convertible spool, to avoid useless wastefulness, in a handy coat hanger, we've created some files, absolutely free, to give new shapes to our spool..

Download and print our 3D models and, mounting them with some parts of the spool, you'll be able to easily create lamps, supports for headphones and tablets, and a lot more.

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