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A 'Bright' Idea'...

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

This is a fun mutli-purpose design that gets loads of attention!

The 'Bright Idea' is a large light bulb that serves as a container or a trophy to acknowledge great ideas and innovation. One of the fun aspects about this print is that, with heavy contents inside, like coins shaken to a level with the bulb angled sideways, it will sit on what appears to be an impossible angle... this creates an amazing visual effect!

The bulb part is printed separately and screws into the base. At standard scale the bulb part is 122m tall... so you need approx. 125mm Z / height capability to be able to print this (allowing for a Raft which helps ensure really good build plate adhesion as the print protrudes well beyond the build plate contact area).

This makes a great storage container for all sorts of small things. It's internal space is surprisingly large... perfect for money (coins and notes), small items of jewellery, electronics including cables and cards and much more. Very novel and a unique thing for yourself or to use as a fun gift...

There is one base file but two bulb files provided. One includes a coin slot that will allow coins up to 31.50mm to be inserted so should work for all coins in use in most major global currencies. The outlet hole in the base has the same maximum opening. If it goes in it can come out... you can also insert notes due to the height of the bulb.

Great ideas and innovation are highly regarded in this day and age so this design can also be used as the perfect award / trophy to present to people in recognition of their efforts in this area.

The base and bulb are intended to be printed separately and in different colors. To make the base multi-colored pause your machine after 5-6mm of the print has been built to make the base look more realistic (Refer to the images).

At standard scale the finished product is approx. 160mm tall with the two parts screwed together. This is a big bulb already... but uniformly scaling up should be okay. However, scaling down may mean the threads have insufficient clearance to screw together as is necessary.

This print requires a well set up, accurate and precise machine to ensure the threads print well and cleanly so will screw in/out freely. This will test how well your machine prints circles... because this design is "all" circles. Good prits look great and function equally as well.

Please refer to the images and print settings for additional information. And, if you print this design please post images of your 'Bright Ideas' for other members to see.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my fun and practical designs.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2019/07/05 16:00





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Aucun support requis si vous imprimez la boule d'ampoule vers le haut et la vis sur la base inversée / à l'envers de manière à ce que le fond de l'ampoule soit orienté vers le haut .... partie filetée du plateau de fabrication.

J'espère que cela efface cela pour vous. Essayez Google Translate en ligne pour convertir les instructions textuelles fournies dans la liste de mon Thingiverse pour ce modèle.

j'aime beaucoup l'idée
je me demande si le bulb passe sans supports?


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