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Mechanischer Kreisel-Würfelkasten

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells


  • 08/08/2021: Hinzufügen von Triangle V3 STL, die eine engere Toleranz Zapfen hat. Außerdem wurden abgerundete Kanten hinzugefügt, damit es nicht am Ring hängen bleibt.

  • 08/07/2021: V2 Getrieberahmen und Stirnrad STLs hinzugefügt, um die Zapfen sicherer zu machen

  • 07/10/2021: Neue Triangle STL wurde hochgeladen

Dies ist eine Zahnradbox mit einem einzigartigen Öffnungsmechanismus.

Wenn man den Boden der Schachtel dreht, schwingen die dreieckigen Oberteile auf und schließen sich auf der anderen Seite wieder.

WICHTIG: Verkleinern Sie in Ihrem Slicer alle Dateien auf 90 %. Ich habe mich bei der ersten Erstellung des Entwurfs verschätzt.

Ich habe ein Bild einer verkleinerten Version mit allen Teilen beigefügt.


Ring x1

Körper x1

Getrieberahmen V2 x1

Dreieck V3 x6

Stirnrad V2 x6


Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/WmpI_bfs85E

Meine Druckeinstellungen:

Maßstab: 90%

Drucker: Prusa Mini

Profil: 0.20mm Qualität

Schichthöhe: .20mm

Muster der Füllung: Gyroid

Füllung %: 15%


Erste Schicht Geschwindigkeit: 20mm/s

Umfänge: 40mm/s

Kleine Umfänge: 25mm/s

Äußere Umfänge: 30mm/s

Füllung: 80mm/s

Massive Ausfachung: 80mm/s

Obere feste Füllung: 40mm/s

Stege: 30mm/s

Der Ring sollte mit der geschlitzten Seite nach oben plattiert werden.


1) Auf der Innenseite des Getrieberahmens befindet sich eine Nut und in der Nähe der Oberseite des Gehäuses ein Ring. Drücken Sie den Getrieberahmen und das Gehäuse zusammen, bis der Ring in die Rille passt. Nachdem die Teile zusammengerastet sind, sollten Sie den Zahnkranz frei drehen können.

2) Setzen Sie ein kleines Zahnrad auf jede der Spindeln am Zahnradrahmen. Achten Sie dabei darauf, dass die Bohrung genau mittig zur Innenseite des Gehäuses zeigt. Achte darauf, dass sie alle richtig ausgerichtet sind! Wenn ein einzelnes Zahnrad auch nur um einen Zahn versetzt ist, wird es sehr schwierig sein, es zu demontieren und zu reparieren.

3) Wenn alle Zahnräder an ihrem Platz sind, den Ring aufsetzen und die Zahnräder mit einer Drehung einrasten lassen.

4) Drücken Sie jedes Dreieck einzeln in das Zahnrad. Wenn es zu locker sitzt, brauchst du vielleicht etwas Sekundenkleber, um es an seinem Platz zu halten, aber meiner Erfahrung nach sitzt es normalerweise zu fest. Drücken Sie die Dreiecke nach unten, bis der Stiel sehr kurz ist oder nicht mehr sichtbar ist.

Der Zusammenbau ist ziemlich einfach. Das Schwierige ist, die Zahnräder richtig auszurichten und dann die Dreiecke in das Zahnrad zu drücken. Melden Sie sich auf jeden Fall, wenn es irgendwelche Probleme gibt.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

  • Format der Gestaltung 3D: STL Datei-Details Schließen
    • Body-Inner Gear.stl
    • Gear Frame V2.stl
    • Gear Frame.stl
    • Gear Stopper V2.stl
    • Ring.stl
    • Spur Gear V2.stl
    • Spur Gear with partial fillet.stl
    • Triangle 2.stl
    • Triangle V3.stl

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  • Letzte Aktualisierung: 2021/08/27 22:51
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2021/07/01 18:57





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7 Kommentare

Could you please post a picture of the side of the assembled box to help show how the gear frame and the body connect? I am currently not able to get the gear frame to go all the way over the rim on the body. I'm not sure if I'm trying to force the gear frame too low...but the way it currently is the gear frame comes off easily, so thinking I might need to do some more sanding to get the body to fit into the ring.

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Nevermind! A little more sanding on the ring on the body and it finally gave up the fight and snapped together!

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So I put the whole thing together and it's tighter than if I'd glued it solid. I suspect I'm getting a lot of friction out of the gear posts. After a great deal of effort I got the ring back off and took the gears out. 3 / 6 took the posts with them out of the gear frame. It appears that the gears are well captured by the gear frame and the ring, so after I reprint new gears, I may try to put them in without the posts and see if I fare better. But note to others making one of these, pay close attention to the gear to post fit as you build this up. If you have to use much force at all to install the gears in the gear frame, you will likely not have a satisfactory rotation outcome at full assembly (unless you have world class grip strength!)

Side note - I printed this at 90% per the instructions above, but wondering if I would have better luck at 100% (as all of my friction points would have 10% more gap). Or maybe I just need to tune my printer again.

If you've read this far, thanks for indulging my ramble.

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Hi, just reading this now. Yeah it's tough to design around different machines, I tuned the tolerances for the one I have at home. Definitely those small differences will increase at 100% which might give you a better fit. Curious as to how it goes! I'll keep thinking if there are any tips that make assembly easier. Are you using an FDM printer?

Can I print this on an SLA 3d Printer? I've recently purchased a Photon Mono 3d printer and now try to print different things with it.

Hey, I'm not sure, I only have FDM at home. If you have issues with it, reach out and I could try to help.

How did you get the multicolor ring, body, and triangles? Do you have MMU?

No MMU necessary, I did it may adding color changes in PrusaSlicer which let me change filament at certain heights. Check out this article:


I print the body and the gear frame at the same time so that the lines are the same height. Hope this helps!

I love this design!

Quick question: Why scale to 90%? If scale to 90%, will it make the rotation better? (I printed one at 100%, but does not rotate well)
Or this scale is for some other reasons?

Thanks! I ended up preferring 90% to 100% just as a personal preference and tuned the tolerances to that scale. Just curious, what rotation issues are you seeing?

Thanks for quick reply!

if "Press the Gear Frame and the Body together until the ring fits into the groove.", it will be difficult to rotate the body against gear frame. I tried to make the frame just sit on body, it rotates/moves well. but will not turn all the gears on top. I guess too much frictions?

I am printing another version of 90% with another PLA filament. Hope it works this time.

When you say "tuned the tolerances", what does it mean? Does it relate to friction? Thanks!

Regarding the base and gear frame friction, when I snap them together I usually get a pretty loose fit that moves freely. The slicer settings I use are in the description

I see. Thanks for the help. I will report once I have my 90% version done.

I printed the 90% version and it works much better than the 100% version. I need use sandpaper for inside rim where each circle start/end (not visible after assemble.)

The triangles are a little bit fragile in kids' hands. I will print one for myself.

I've printed my first box from the model, and I ran into an issue: the pegs on the triangles are prone to delamination failure because of their orientation relative to the Z axis. (aka I broke a few triangle idly spinning the box around)

Do you have any ideas for changes to to the model to improve the strength? One idea I have is to print the pegs separately laying down, and have them mate with the triangle with a dovetail.

I'd like to give a few of these as gifts, but I'm worried about breakages. I'll post a photo once I've reprinted the broken pieces.

Sorry about those breakages, that's not a bad idea - the peg could be part of the gear instead and mate with the triangle. Another alternative could be adding a fillet on the peg so that it's stronger than a right angle.

How did you print the color scheme in the pictures? Did you print pieces solid, or do color changes at certain layers?

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Yep I do it via color changes at certain layers. I print the Base and Gear Frame at the same time so the lines are the same. You could also do a color change on the triangles.

Here's my setup:

Great, thank you! I see that for the base & gear frame you color change at 4mm. What's the height you change at on the triangles?

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No problem! Triangles change at 1.8

I was wondering if this box can be turned upside down without falling apart? Or.. is gravity the only thing holding the lid components in place?

Its a friction fit so they may fall out - I usually put a drop of superglue in each gear to hold the triangles in place

I believe they were not referring to the triangle sections but the Gear Frame falling off the Body if turned over. I love this design but is there something I'm missing to keep the Gear Frame (top half) from falling off if turned over?

Thanks for asking, yeah there is a way to snap them together - the Base has a ring around the middle, and the Gear Frame has a groove at the bottom. You have to snap the gear frame onto the base so that that the ring fits into the groove. Let me know if that helps, if not I can upload a video

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It takes a little bit of force to snap them together

I saw the copyright symbol, but I have to ask anyway. Can I buy the STL and sell the print in my country?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. As of right now the answer is no. Thanks for asking though and glad you like the design!

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