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Storage cube for SD and MicroSD cards. 12 SD / 8 MICROSD OR 4 SD / 40 MICROSD

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Beschreibung des 3D-Modells

Storage box for 12 SD cards and 8 MicroSD cards.

If you knew the cube for Nintendo Switch cartridges (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/cube-de-rangement-pour-cartouches-de-jeux-nintendo-switch ), here is the version for SD and MicroSD cards.
It is a small cube that fits in the hand (5.1 cm) and which can store 12 SD cards and 8 MicroSD cards. When you open it, you can see all your cards at a glance, and you can insert and remove them without any effort and without any click. Your cards are perfectly maintained and do not risk being damaged during handling. Finally, its appearance is unique. You can display it proudly on your desk, no need to put it in a drawer.
There are two models available. A smooth, basic. And one with a surface texture.

Assembly guide here (this is for the Switch cartridge version but the principle is the same) : https://youtu.be/1p5rXxDVKFE

You will find all the instructions in Guide-en.pdf.

If you don't have a 3D printer and are interested in this cube, go here: https://lablabstudio.wordpress.com/purchase/

NEW: 3 new files allow you to store up to 32 MicroSD cards in the internal chain.

IMPORTANT: The files you purchase are sold under Copyright. This means that they cannot be sold or distributed for free. Additionally, you cannot sell prints made from these files. If you did, you would jeopardize the creation of new designs. Thank you for your understanding.


Layer height: 0.2 mm (it is certainly possible to make thinner)
Material: PLA (tested), PETG (tested), ABS (probably possible, not tested). DON'T TRY WITH RESIN, IT WON'T WORK.
Printing time: 9h30 - 10h00
Length: 21.5 m
Weight: 64 g

8 - First Link*.stl must be printed with supports.

For the temperatures and printing speeds, you can use the parameters that you master, depending on your printer and your filament.

This object is articulated and requires a high level of precision. Adherence to the build plate is therefore essential. The slightest deformation due to warping would compromise the correct opening and closing of the box. I advise you to use glue or lacquer to improve the adherence.

Informationen zur 3D-Druckerdatei

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    • Storage Cube v1.1.zip

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Just printed my first attempt at this design in ABS. Besides the ironing out of my printing settings with a new abs filament, it printed well and works! I was actually impressed with how well it holds onto the sd cards using the makeshift spring locks you implemented. And the box folds together satisfyingly, and is definitely strong enough to hold together in a camera bag. 10/10 would pay 2 bucks again lol

@likemanzoo you're right, you've not touched one for like 6 years...

Pretty cool but who the heck uses sd cards anymore? Ive not touched one in like 6 years other than to toss it in a new camera....and who buys cameras anymore haha.

damn man you're for sur an apple fan.

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@reklrekl Yes good idea !! But where to post it ? On switch games holder or SD cards version page ? I think both :-D. Well thank you anyway.

@LabLabStudio Yeah thats exactly what I meant!
I'll print the outer shell with patterns from one design and put the chain (insides) of the other design into it.
I will post a Make when i'm done so others can see

@reklrekl No you can't. The outer shell and the holder is one indivisible part. Today, either you use the "boring" flat design, or you use the different outer patterns but it won't look good. The best would be to use the outer faces of one cube and the inner chain of the other. That way you'll have a nice cube holding all three different kinds of cards. But it depends on your needs.

@LabLabStudio Thanks for your reply!
So if I print the outer pattern from one version I can put the insides of the other version into it?
The flat cubes look a little boring compared to the embossed ones...

@reklrekl Yes you can mix them and it will match... well except for the outer shell patterns. But if you use the flat version for both of them, you can compose your own unique cube. Maybe one day I should provide the same outer patterns to both of them. But I prefer to work on new designs right now. Sorry if I am a bit lazy...

Hi, I love the design, but can I mix and match this with the switch cartridge version?
I am looking for something to store all 3 types of cards, this is the best design I found!

@jdbro Hi. Ok now the cube can hold 4 SD / 40 MicroSD. If you already purchased the design, go to your account, your orders and download the cube again.

Sure that works for me!

@jdbro almost. I have a version that holds 4 regular SD and 40 microSD. I just have to update the files here (updates are free of charge for those who already bought the design). But I am out of time right now. I would do it next week. Is that alright for you ?

is there a version that is only for Micro SD cards?

@patton421 not well. But check my other designs. 2 of them are meant to hold switch cartridges. Just click on my creator logo and you will find them.

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