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Our Dream House in Hong Kong.. a place that every hongkonger spend a lifetime to reach

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Publication date 2018-11-29 16:40
Design number 39271
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Hong Kong is a place full of housing units, residential buildings. It's different from other places, the most significant building isn't a special landmark. To most hong kong people, a simple unit to live in, is always what they think and work for entire life in fact.

Every Hongkonger desires to have a housing unit. People work hard for buying a unit which costs 15 times of the annual household income. That's why Hong Kong ranks world's No 1 for 'most unaffordable' housing. (a survey of 360 cities by US-based consultancy Demographia)

Hard lives make Hong Kong people only focus on stock market, to earn some extra income. Hard lives make Hong Kong people can't breath, lose creativity and space to do research and explore new things. Hard lives make Hong Kong people care about time, lose patience, become impatient and lack of foresight mindset.

This series of residential building 3D model let you easily understand how stuffy Hong Kong is. It's a reminder to you and to your government that please don't let your living place become Hong Kong. It's a warning and a lesson to the world.

Hope you love it and hate it. This is the most meaningful stuff I could do for landmark of Hong Kong. Thanks for reading.

The customizable version updated on 14 August 2015. It could change between types of blocks, like Y-type, H-type or even hexagon. You can control the level of the block. It's more like a satire and a complain to the society. For your reference, in Hong Kong, there are 221 blocks of trident block type Y, 852 blocks of harmony block type. There still have Slab type, I block type, Ziggurat type, Concord type, New Cruciform type, etc .... each block store over 800 families.. you can't imagine if you haven't come hong kong or haven't print the block..

It's my first time to use OpenSCAD to create customizable model. I learn it by watching youtube tutorial, and look at the cheat sheet provided in OpenSCAD. It is still not quite clear and lack of good learning resources in internet. But the result is really useful and convenience, let 3D modelling technique reach a new level. Everything can self generate once has been well established. So I strongly suggest designer to try it. Build the complicated element in 3D software like 3dsmax, use OpenSCAD to generate a regular pattern.


I make this series residential building by taking photos near my place. Actually, everywhere I live and everyday I travel, also got plenty of such buildings. So easy to look at them in details.

I start from scratch by using 3dsmax. By achieving the right scale, I took plenty of pictures, look at the top view from Google map and try print it in different version see if printable for about 7cm tall. I focus on making the blocks at small size, about 7 cm tall. Spend only 2-3hrs, you could print a block quickly. However, you can't put too much details on a 7cm object, otherwise it will crash ugly because of details, such as I want to add air conditioner in each house before.

I think one of the special thing in 3D printing is easy to duplicate item with one design. And Hong Kong got thousands of building copies.. The item that duplicated most here.

Layer Height : 0.12mm - 0.14mm

Shell : 0.4mm

Fill Density : 0 %

Hope you enjoy it!


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