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3D printed sextoys, dildos, etc.

Getting a sex toy is always a rather delicate act. Before the emergence of electronic commerce, it was necessary to pass the level of a sex shop and therefore, in a certain way, to face the eyes of others. It is now possible to be delivered directly to your home, but this is not yet perfectly anonymous, in fact, there is always the postman and the neighbours!

3D printing is about to revolutionize this sector by allowing everyone to print their own pleasure object directly at home. It's easy: just find the right 3D sex toy model, download it and print it on your own 3D printer.

In addition to total anonymity, the fact of printing in 3D its dildos allows the user to very simply set the size and the size of the object. The different editing possibilities of the 3D files online give you complete freedom as to the shape of the toy.

With regard to printing materials, it is obviously recommended to print in ABS with a lot of filling to ensure a perfect solidity of the object. Finishing the object with acetone will give it a smooth appearance. Some creators of sex toy to print in 3D also recommend the use of a condom on the object for a perfect hygiene.

To discover many 3D models of sex-toys, you can go to the Cults 3D file download platform.

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