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Need a 3D printer? Here are the top choices for home and work use

Need a 3D printer? Here are the top choices for home and work use

Whether you’re a 3D artist keen to share your work in its best form or a business owner looking for a 3D printer ideal for creating promotional material, 3D printing has become increasingly popular in 2020. From robotic wasps to slick brochures, 3D printing is a vital tool for so many people and organisations. It’s pretty cool, really.

3D printing is another technological innovation that is taking the modern world by storm despite being surrounded by strong competition, be it from the world of gaming where one of the new casino sites in the United Kingdom has been proving popular in the mobile gaming world, alongside other products such as FitBits and smart glasses. Technology is booming, and the 3D printers of the world have certainly reaped the rewards from it. One of the most exciting fields in the technology industry right now, 3D printing is only going to go from strength to strength too.

If you’re keen to jump on board and get yourself or your business a 3D printer, then the choice can be fairly vast and often confusing. To help you with your search, here is a look at some of the top 3D printers around at the moment, with some machines ideal for your home and others more suitable for your business.

CEL-UK RoboxPro

In terms of commercial printing, the CEL-UK RoboxPro is easily one of the best printers around. A leader in the 3D printing world, CEL-UK’s latest creation comes with a whole host of worthwhile features, including auto filament loading, auto bed levelling, Wi-Fi, network printing and swappable tool heads. The main strength of this particular printer, though, is its reliability and printing quality, making it ideal for meeting any strict deadlines or nailing a creative brief. A fantastic choice for commercial and educational use, the CEL-UK RoboxPro is a solid option.

Ultimaker S3

Particularly popular in educational circles with schools and colleges taking to it, the Ultimaker S3 is expensive but you certainly get what you pay for. The 3D printer is fast, its printing quality is high, and it is extremely reliable. Aimed at commercial markets also, the Ultimaker S3 has a load of accessories and materials which are ideal for meeting any design needs and perfect for people keen to learn about 3D printing and its merits. The printer also comes with Cura slicer software, swappable cartridge hotends, and flawless touchscreen UI.

FormLabs Form 3

Need a 3D printer? Here are the top choices for home and work use

When it comes to SLA printing, the FormLabs Form 3 is particularly popular in 2020, especially as a home printer, although it is for those in the know when it comes to this particular style of printing. Far surpassing FDM printers, the print quality of this machine is of the highest standard thanks to its high precision laser which is ideal for casting and production, high-quality prototypes, and jewellery.

Raise3D E2

Suitable for printing at home, in an education setting, or for a large business, the Raise3D E2 is hard to ignore due to its sheer size and weight, although that shouldn’t put you off because it works superbly. Considered by many to be the best workhorse 3D printer, it comes with slick business and network integration, easy to grasp interface, and perfect reliability.

Original PRUSA SL1

Another device which guarantees top quality printing, the Original PRUSA SL1 uses MSLA which is a variant on the popular Stereolithography technology, but the difference is clear to see thanks to its extremely high print quality. Put simply, this machine is expected to be a game-changer in the SLA market, especially with PrusaSlicer software behind it.

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