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3D printers invade the stores

The day each home will be equipped with a 3D printer is still a long way off. In the meantime, some retailers have started implementing 3D * printers in their stores to offer value-added services to their customers. Top Office has, for example, introduced the object into one of its stores in the north of France allowing visitors to print their objects directly in the store. The price list starts at 9.90 € for a 3D file already created and small. Recently, UPS Store has introduced professional printers (approximately € 21,000) in six San Diego test stores . The service is clearly oriented for professionals who want to print a prototype or more complex objects. Individuals are not left out because they can use these machines to print objects of larger sizes than with their personal 3D printers for example. There is no doubt that this type of initiative, which tends to democratize 3D printing , is likely to spread in the months and years to come.

3D printers Cults store

Source: MonUnivers3D

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