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La Poste Group sets up an online 3D Creative Space

After launching a 3D printing service in 7 postal establishments, La Poste offers its customers the opportunity to discover new uses of 3D, to download free 3D printing creations, and to learn about modeling, on a dedicated website: "Innovate and Create in 3D".

Swiss Post continues to strengthen its involvement in the world of 3D printing, giving access to all, simply, digital services and 3D printing.

The site "Innovate and create in 3D" shows through a multitude of digital objects created by specialized designers from all over the world, all the possibilities offered by 3D printing. Whether through artistic pieces, objects for the home, toys or models of architecture; it aims to allow everyone (general public and professionals) to simply access the uses of 3D.

Each 3D file shared on the site is an opportunity to interact with the 3D Consultants of La Poste. By clicking a single button, customers can ask for tips to complete their 3D printing project. Thanks to this new online service, experts can easily answer customer queries (techniques, costs, prototyping, etc.) and accompany them throughout their projects. Depending on the location, the customer may also visit the nearest specialist post office to meet with a consultant.

In the "Realize a project" part, the client has the opportunity to learn about 3D modeling thanks to the online 3D Slash software. Directly from the site, it is possible to create a template and then send it to the 3D Consultants to order an impression of his own creation.

This site was created with the help of two start-ups Cults and 3DSlash as part of Start'inPost, Groupe La Poste's industrial accelerator. True to its digital development strategy, La Poste has designed this creative space to be fully adapted to all terminals (mobile, tablets and desktop) and to be accessible in French and English. Constantly connected with the Cults marketplace, the site allows members to connect to both platforms with their same credentials.

Source: Cults.

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