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3D printing makes itself useful for blind children

"Hands of search" is a wonderful project initiated by Yahoo! Japan that once again demonstrates that 3D printing can have healing and educational benefits. In a school for blind children, engineers have built a machine that combines voice recognition research with a 3D printer. The idea behind this is to allow children to feel, to touch the contours of items they cannot see. Touch is an essential sense for the visually impaired. The principle is quite simple, the child presses a button and says something he or she would like to touch (dragons, giraffe, dinosaur, etc.). The machine searches among its library of available 3D files. If she finds the object, the child only has to press another button to start printing the 3D model. For the moment the "Hands of search" database contains 110 3D models but is destined to grow thanks to the contribution of individuals and companies.

Source: Creativity

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