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F-F-F-Fiddle: the violin printed in 3D

3d printers are becoming more and more reliable. Additive manufacturing has reached such a level of precision that it is now possible to print functional musical instruments. Making such an object is a real challenge: acoustics is a delicate science, which implies the need for a perfect design and a** very precise manufacturing tool**. You can see the pictures of this incredible violin making printed in 3D.

And yet, one of OpenFab PDX's engineers, David Perry, has succeeded in creating a functional electric violin, printable in 3D, with a very satisfying sound.

Digital design and manufacturing

The F-F-F-Fiddle (English word for violin) was developed under Autodesk Fusion 360. The design of the instrument is based on the dimensions of a real violin. Its semi-circular structure allows it to resonate, just like a real violin.
All parts of this 3D printed violin can be printed by FFF printers. The chin strap is easily adjustable on each instrument. The spaces for setting up the cabling are relatively convenient and allow for easy assembly.

The** 3D file** allows you to print the violin body. The user must install the cords, jack plug and piezoelectric microphones himself.

Progressive improvement of the violin printed in 3D

The example of the F-F-Fiddle illustrates the advantage of 3D printing for musical instrument manufacturers. It is now possible for them, with the help of specialists, to prototype efficiently and to improve their models to be at the forefront of their sector.

All information about the instrument is now available in a digital file in CAD format. This file is under a Creative Commons license: it is therefore accessible and editable by everyone, subject to mentioning the company OpenFab PDX. American Internet users have already started working on optimizing the online model.

The f-f-fiddle is therefore another successful bet for OpenFab PDX. You can order the model directly on their website: openfabpdx.com or buy only the assembled parts. A small drawback, the complete model costs 750 euros, much more expensive than an entry-level electric violin.

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