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Use 3D Printing To Make An At Home Poker Set

Use 3D Printing To Make An At Home Poker Set

Picture by Michal Parzuchowski from Unsplash - CC0 Licence

In April this year, the online poker market experienced phenomenal growth. It's growth spurt was the largest in history and featured the market doubling in size. Markets such as the US and Italy, for instance, witnessed a 240% growth. The surge in recent months was associated with a higher amount of users online than usual. Nevertheless, the poker market has achieved steady growth over the past few decades.

According to the World Poker Tour (WPT), there are at least 100,000,000 players online. Bearing in mind, this figure doesn't include people who are playing in land-based casinos and their homes.

The Moneymaker Effect

There are several reasons why people across the globe are attracted to poker. One of these is the inspiring stories of amateur poker players accumulating enormous wealth through poker—for example, Chris Moneymaker, who instigated the moneymaker effect.

Formerly an accountant, Chris earned a seat at the World Series of Poker event (WSOP) by winning an online poker tournament in 2003. At WSOP, Chris won $2.5 million.

Chris had an edge above other players because of his career in accounting, which gave him a higher degree of intelligence for calculating probabilities and managing poker chips effectively.

Chris's success revolutionised the poker scene, showing other aspiring players, no matter their background or experience, there is potential for underdogs to win.

Other factors that encourage players across the world to play poker are;

➢ Poker's fascinating history which stems from the early 19th century, and originated in New Orleans. Poker has been a favourite pastime for over a century.
➢ The wide variety of poker games on offer, such as Texas Hold 'em and Five Card Draw, means players rarely get bored.
➢ The lure of poker tournaments attracts its following and players to travel with them to new and exciting locations worldwide.
➢ Poker also involves psychology. Such as reading body language to determine whether other players are telling the truth.

For those interested in playing online, there are an extensive range of excellent casino platforms available, which administer a life-like experience for players.

Alternatively, if readers want to play a successful poker game in the comfort of their home with family and friends, they need two things. These are poker supplies and a good understanding of the rules. This article can assist with both.

Poker Supplies

Use 3D Printing To Make An At Home Poker Set

Picture by Pixabay from Pexels - CC0 Licence

Chips - To play poker at home, chips are not necessary. In their place, sweets, or matchsticks, for example, may be used. However, to create an authentic casino experience, purchasing a set or making personalised poker chips with a 3D Printer shall add a pleasant touch to the occasion. Before buying or creating poker chips, it's essential to think about how many chips shall be required. Generally, in poker tournaments, each player needs around twenty to thirty chips. On top of that, extra chips to "colour up" poker chips with a low value. The choice of materials for chips vary from plastic to ceramic.

Deck of cards - Plastic cards like those used at casinos are preferable. They're much better to shuffle, and they're durable too. Purchasing plastic playing cards can be expensive in comparison to a regular pack of paper cards. However, with the assistance of a 3D printer, creating playing cards is much more accessible.

Table: A sturdy table that all intended players can sit at, along with enough room for players to view their cards privately, is necessary. Round tables are usually preferred.

Felt Top - The green felt top padding used in casinos makes it easier for players to deal and handle cards, plus it's easier to select and move chips. For a poker game at home, options include, purchasing a table with the felt top pre-installed, or adding felt cover to an existing table.

Dealer Button - This is a marker to signify to players who the dealer is.

3D Print A Poker Set

An STL (Standard Triangle Language) file of the desired 3D model needs downloading to create poker chips. STL files with 3D models of poker chips can be downloaded from Cults 3D in a range of designs. STLs are exported from CAD (computer-aided design) software. With the STL, the 3D model converts into G-code (machine language) through an operation called slicing. Once complete, the poker pieces shall be ready for printing and using in-game.

How To Play Poker

With a poker set underway, it's time to learn the game's objective and rules. In short, each player's mission is to create the best hand of cards possible. Here are the highest-ranking to lowest-ranking combinations;

➢ Royal Flush
➢ Straight Flush
➢ Four of a Kind
➢ Full House
➢ Flush
➢ Straight
➢ Three of a kind
➢ Two pairs
➢ High card
➢ One pair

Poker Instructions
Two-hole cards: First, the game starts in a clockwise direction, and each player is dealt with two cards, faced down. At this point, players can decide whether or not to play their hand.

Five community cards: Each player can use their two cards, one or none, to combine with the five shared community cards to improve their hand.

Best hand wins: Either the player with the best hand wins the game. Or the cunning player whose hand may be terrible, but they convince other players it isn't. In turn, causing all other players to fold, leaving them as the winner.

The above guide equips aspiring poker players with the resources and know-how to launch a successful poker game. Now it's just a matter of inviting the players.

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