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"8 Bits, 3 Dimensions" pop culture printed in 3D

8 Bits, 3 Dimensions is a project born from the collaboration between artists Adam Lister and Isaac Budmen. This collection of 2D and 3D works diverts a series of images from our traditional culture but also from pop culture. The two artists explain that this collection is closely linked to the origins of manual work. The first builders used wood and metal tools to create stone blocks. Today's builders work with the raw material that characterizes our time: bits and bytes. And in the same way as in the beginning, they wanted their raw creations to look like. Adam Lister has therefore created simple works that are close to 8-bit, it is only after that Isaac Budmen added a 3rd dimension. The creations were then printed in 3D. A remarkable work that brings depth and therefore gives a new dimension to Adam Lister's magnificent paintings.

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