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7 Books On 3D Printing You Need To Read

In a fast-changing world it can be challenging to keep up with the latest movements of technology. 3D printing began to grow in 2014 as the first of these books were published and since then it’s moved from the realm of science-fiction to become an accessible hobby and valuable tool for business. Whether you’re interested in 3D printing because of the potential for making money, as a creative outlet, or to survive the zombie apocalypse, this list has the books you need to read to understand everything 3D printing can do.

1. A Beginner’s Guide To 3D Printing

For anyone new to 3D printing, the Beginner’s Guide is the place to start - but don’t think that just because you’re familiar with 3D printing already that you have nothing to learn. A Beginner’s Guide provides a perfect introduction to 3D printing, but it’s also packed with top tips and well-articulated guides that everyone will find something to learn within this book. Available digitally as well as in print form for easy reading, this is a perfect place to start with 3D printing.

2. Getting Started With 3D Printing

This provides another introductory guide to those keen to get into 3D printing, but as well as offering the practical need-to-knows, this book also contains a wealth of technical background. That means that you’ll understand how the technology works as well as what you can apply it to. This fundamental understanding of the software and hardware of 3D printing will allow you to get the most out of your 3D printing experience!

3. The Big Book Of Makerspace Projects

Discover the unlimited potential of 3D printing with this book that comes absolutely packed with new and creative projects for you to get started with. Many people run out of ideas after a while with their 3D printer, and end up printing the same objects again and again. But this book offers a huge number of new ideas from simple objects such as pens to complex musical instruments that will make you a 3D printing expert.

4. How To Make Money With 3D Printing

If 3D printing began as a hobby for you, why not consider turning it into a moneymaker as well and earn cash whilst doing what you love? This book takes you on a journey from printing items for fun to discovering the potential for starting a business 3D printing objects with real world value. Full of technical and business tips, such as how to outsource design work to grow your business, this book will open doors to new 3D printing potential.

5. Maintaining And Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer

Ultimately, 3D printers are complicated pieces of hardware and if you’re putting your 3D printer to good use then it’s inevitable that you’ll have trouble with it from time to time. For many people, the joy of 3D printing comes from a love of tinkering with obects in the first place, so this book which teaches you how to perform upkeep on your machine will help you get the most out of your 3D printer whilst learning at the same time.

6. The Zombie Apocalypse Guide To 3D Printing

Yes, you read it right! This guide is all about how to survive a zombie apocalypse with your 3D printer. If you aren’t all that concerned about such a scenario, you’ll be pleased to learn that this book is all about 3D printing practical household objects, and their application extends far beyond the books oft-referenced horror movie scenario!

7. The Great Disruption: Competing and Surviving in the Second Wave of the Industrial Revolution

Authors Mitch Free and Rick Smith are clearly huge fans of 3D printing and in their book they’re emphasizing the economic implications of this new technology. Arguing that we’re in the middle of a second Industrial Revolution with 3D printing at its heart, this book explores the impact 3D printing is having on the world from commercial to home environments.

3D printing is indeed the dawn of a new age of technology and whether you’re interested in it as a cool design hobby, for the socio-political implications of new technology or as a way of growing your own business, these books will educate and fascinate in equal measure.

Katherine Rundell is a writer at Law Writing Service UK. She writes about techno-futurism and digital trends. When she’s not thinking about the future, she likes to spend time in nature with her two dogs

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