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3D Printing Designers Interview: Normally Ben

1. Ben, can you say a few words about yourself and your work?

I've tried many mediums in Art and Design from my schools days, college, university and professional working life. I studied Computer Visualisation and Animation, in which I became very fond of polygon modelling of organic surfaces. Working as a model maker within the role of CAD/CAM operative, exposed me to tool making furniture, sculpture and engineering design. And even for a 2 year period I was a bespoke kitchen designer, which was certainly different, most importantly there the lead designer sold me his 2nd hand Cannon equipment and my photography improved vastly. This was important as my not so secret 2nd life as a graffiti writer was unfolding. It's been very important to me over the years, responsible for some the best and worst moments in life. As that came to a head and I had to slow down, I've been focused in pushing it into a new medium with 3D printing. I've completed sculptures for other artists using CNC machining to make large scale expensive graffiti based ideas, but now the accessibility of printing on my desktop has allowed to excel.

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2. Where do you get your inspiration to create these fabulous designs?

I have been working with other graffiti artists, as I think there is such a wild variety of styles to explore, so it's a mix of my original ideas and outlines, my interpretation of their work, especially if it's abstract, of maybe 2D in its original state, or just a straight representation of their 3D style. Other designs of mine have have came from an illustration way of thinking a personal favourite is cartoon food at the moment, like the watermelon which I have recently release on Cults.

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3. Which CAD software(s) do you use to make your designs?

Maya, Zbrush, Magics and most recently Space Claim

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4. What 3D printer have you got and what are your regular printing settings?

I use an Up!Plus 2, and I can't help myself to usually use the finest resolution, on the best quality. And push it to print the largest size objects I can, I know this is consuming a lot of time but I'm glutton for punishment!

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5. Finally, among all your great work, what is your favorite creation?

24HR Quack Handle, based on a canvas I had previously painted.

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