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3D Printing Designers Interview: Milos Tutus

1. Milos, can you say a few words about yourself and your work?

My name is Milos Tutus and I am a sculptor who graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. After completing my undergraduate studies, I have devoted all my artistic and creative potential to digital art and design.

With the aid of tools like Wacom pen Display, I take all the knowledge acquired by mastering the traditional techniques and apply them on digital media, in areas like 3D modeling, drawing and design.

My approach to each project is based on creativity, visual analysis, aesthetics, research, concept development and technical perfection. Areas in which I specialized are: 3D modeling and texturing, character design, concept art,2D and 3D illustration, toy design, 3D printing, product and graphic design, medical and scientific visualization, animation. Chek my work at http://milostutus.com/about-me/

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2. Where do you get your inspiration to create these fabulous designs?

I am finding inspiration or inspiration finding me mostly through narrative creation in novels ,movies, Legends,Mytology…I am showing great interest in characters their development and presentation from superheroes to ,,common people with unique destiny.It is interesting to create and put personal visual interpretation putting all knowledge of form and good design principles to present and make design of character that will correspond with audience and define his personality and leave room for further development. I also find inspiration and roll model in art history from antic and renesanse artist to cubism, surrealism and so on.Even looking at my creation I can say that my choice of topics correspond with pop art and approach to design and form with naturalism (at least trying).O yea and inspiration above all inspiration is world around me and beyond…

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3. Which CAD software(s) do you use to make your designs?

I am Zbrush user and using Zbrush more than 4 years. One of main reason me entering in digital creation is discovering Zbrush and his intuitive interface and workflow that has very close relation to traditional process of sculpting and even with Wacom Cintiq sense of digital modeling is intuitive and joyful. I am waking up and go to sleep with Zbrush and I can freely say that Zbrush change my life style in good direction .I am also using Maya ,Keyshot for rendering and Photoshop for many things and specific in 3d in post processing workflow and over paint if I am creatin 3d illustration or some texturing and making alphas and much more.I like to sketch and for that I am using sketchbook pro ,Also for checking fixing and set up stl files I am using meshmixer ,that is great softvare form Auotdesk. Also I am experimenting with scanning a bit and for that purpose I am using 123catch also web based software from Autodesk. Also I am planning for design purposes to master rhino I saw some tutorials and I like how it is design for product design and development.

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4. What 3D printer have you got and what are your regular printing settings?

I have zortrax m200 and I can say that printer give great detail prints especially for character creation he can deliver all details that I put into design very successfully with smooth surface. Also printer has some drawback and parts that can be improved especially stepper motor,Nozzle get stuck very often they can improve design on nozzle not to stuck so easily or some cleaning system, Also cable connection with printing plate is poorly done and cheaply considering price and other design level parts on printer. Filament roll also get stuck during rool out several times .But if you know and figure out all how to approach can give great impressive prints. My settings are 90 micron layer , solid filament with 30 % light support system

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  1. Finally, among all your great work, what is your favorite creation?

My favorite creation is 3d model of Han Solo that I sculpt in Zbrush but we will see next that will come…

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