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12 shoes printed in 3D for 12 lovers

In collaboration with the shoe brand Melissa, Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz has created a series of 12 3D printed shoes, inspired by his former romantic relationships. Each creation has its own little story and a name evoking its ex: "LaBoss", "La Briseuse de coeur" or "La Croqueuse de Diamants". The artist first conceptualized the 3D files according to what he was inspired by his love memories. He then printed the 3D models on an experimental MakerBot printer, the Replicator 2X. Theoretically, the shoes are all functional, but the artist has considered them more as small sculptures. The exhibition"12 Shoes for 12 Lovers"is available until January 5, 2014 in Miami in a pop-up store of the brand.

Source: MagicMaker

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