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Hey There,

My name is Max Stein and I’m a designer in Portland, Oregon. I’m creating a fun, goofy, adult-themed book and would love to use your 3D model as part of the design for one of the pages.

Your model will appear as part of a derivative abstract composition.

I purchased your model from CULTS-3D and see that it is copyright protected. I am reaching out to politely request for your permission to non exclusively use your design in my book. Would that be something you would be open to?

Please let me know if you’d be open to this or have any questions.

Really love your work and thanks for your time.


Hi Max

..As part of derivative? Not exactly certain what you mean by that but if you are saying you would like to take the existing model and modify before using it in your book, I don’t think copyright is going to get you in a lot of trouble. After all, if it’s altered, it has then become an original creation right? However I’m not a lawyer, maybe I don’t know what i’m talking about.

Altered or not, yes please feel free to use it in your book. If possible I wouldn’t mind seeing your finishing product. Thanks for the recognition, and thanks for asking.

As a shemale myself... I really like your work :X

Thanks I appreciate the feedback. I like to take my time whatever it is I am working on. I should have a few new creations released (hopefully sooner than later, they have been in the works for hot second).

You most certainly will . .

Apparently while I was asleep good sir, we apparently are on opposite sides of this spinning orb of confusion. The email did indeed come through, your refund has been sent. Maybe i’ll see you again when my work is done :)

did you get my email? sent to zemajak@gmail.com . . .as the direct link is not working below

Just wanted to provide an update, this recent model discussed... is finished the with the restructuring phase. (not released just yet) I am taking a moment to apply polypaint by hand, so it will be available to print in color.. given anyone has the opportunity or ability to do so :) My current objective is to accomplish this with all previous models I have released.
Also, within the near future I should be providing a link for anyone (upon request) who has purchased a specific model from me, who wants to obtain the enhanced version without having to pay again.

Hey no problem, i’m working on it now. If you’d like the refund, you can send me a method to pay you at zemajak@gmail.com

Zemajak, I did not mean to be hard on your model, its a good model, but so many thin walls. I had same problem when I started and have learned so much since, including revisit my models and in one case had to totally resculpt. I never release a model till I have printed and corrected all faults . . .if it shows faults I resculpt. Using Daz and Poser or make human is fine but they are not printable with clothing or accessories unless they are thickened then Boolean joined to body, even then I find it easier to sculpt straight to base bodies. . . a refund of 2.65 euros, is not the real issue, but would be welcome

WIKD2011; I recently began self-studying with 3d modeling/graphics, but feel like I have learned much since this model was initially released. I would still consider myself a novice, and at the time didn’t realize there could be more to creating a a quality model aside from being manifold. I am assuming that the walls of the model are too thin? If you have any input for printability, Im totally open. I’m putting my current projects on pause and will be taking the time to repair my creation so it’s more we’ll rounded for printability, (I probably need to hit all of all of the old ones), I can personally deliver this model to you via a provided address, or I am willing to personally refund (via crypto or paypal) what you paid including the commission made by cults3d.

bootyreconstruct.stl . . sleeves too thin to print, hair almost impossible to print, tops of boots too thin to print, girls left butt faults including reversed poly's, hair formed under had causing slicer problems . . yes its water tight but a converted poser/daz model with many layers to the construction is NOT a worthy paid for model .. very disappointing

Hey Mr Gone, I have sent 3 emails with photos of prints.

Hey Mr Gone, one of my favourite comics & artists. Most sorry that you thought I was complaining, I wasn't. I was just asking for info. Anyway yes I always use supports. I am trying a different support pattern to what I normally use so that may be something or not. The kneeling figure came out, mostly, I thought I had broken the right arm off during support removal but I couldn't find it in the debris & then noticed some layer shifts on the upper arm, what there was of it, so that may also be a support issue. Currently printing Kitty & have sliced the Pirate obj & the redone stl ready for another try this weekend. I'll keep you informed, best regards.

Have you tried utilizing supports during the slicing? Just a wild guess but maybe the supports would provide a path for the nozzle to reach the clothing? Feel free to email me any slicing screenshots to zemajak@gmail.com

Hello, sorry to take so long to reply. Yes it was confusing as opening the STL file showed all the missing details were there & they were also present in the slicer, bizarre. I shall try to add photos at some point. I'm thinking of just experimenting with Green stuff to save the print, well not save but modify to finish. Currently printing Kneeling at the moment. I will try slicing the Pirate OBJ file & printing it to see how that turns out. I shall keep you informed. Many thanks, best regards.

I went ahead and changed some attributes of the .STL, and added another version with “reconstruct” in the title let me know if you are still having issues with our pirate friend or/and having difficulties with any of my models.... and please post any makes, I would love to see them!

That’s very confusing indeed. I will reconstruct the mesh of this model and release an alternative/replacement version. Thank you for informing me as I have not attempted a print for all of my creations. In the meantime, have you tried to print with the .OBJ file?

Hey, just printed the pirate & the hat, clothing, boots, belt etc didn't print. Well there not even there apart from the belt pouch, yet they are on the STL file. That's a bit confusing, any ideas ? Printed on an Ender 3, scaled down 60mm height & printed with a profile that gets good results on 28mm figures & has also performed extremely well on 60mm figures as well as other size figures. Many thanks.