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Hi, I love your cutters and have bought several. Recently I can't see your designs. HAs anything changed with the settings?

Could you tell me what size print nozzle your polymer clay files are designed to be printed with please.

Approximately 90% of the models can be printed with the 0.4 mm nozzle, the remaining models can be enlarged slightly (in Cura), or printing 0.3 mm nozzle

Thank you. So the "SUPER MEGA SET (350+) POLYMER CLAY CUTTERS" would be printed using a 0.3 or a 0.4?

Greetings. For simple forms you can use the 0.4 nozzle, for small forms and with small elements you can use the 0.3 mm nozzle

Dear Thief.

You stole my designs and you are selling them. I just wanted to say I already started the DMCA copyrights with the lawyer.


Yes, that one dear racist Thief :)

BabylonCutters is a kebab shop?

You are the thief and you offended for this ? I'm the owner of BabylonCutters and you know what you have done ! :) Wish you a great luck with DMCA

Another offended and eloquent bot. Good luck to you

You have stolen pictures straight from my store and uploaded one of our designs. Please remove it immediately.

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You literally downloaded our exact pictures that we created from our store, just like you did with countless other stores. Theft is not inspiration. I’m very sure your profits go right to charity, but that still is theft.

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Calm down. Sometimes I find interesting references in a search, but nothing more. You talk about profit, but you don't know the point. All of my money goes to charity. The goal is not to profit. I wish you success and prosperity in your business.

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No, definitely not a mistake. You purposefully took my pictures as well as other creators pictures and designs and uploaded them as your own for profit. Truly sickening. I hope whoever sees this page sees my comment and takes their business elsewhere.

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There may have been a mistake. I will take care of it.

Hello your designs are amazing! would it be possible to sell the printed versions? thank you!

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Hi, I love your cutters may I please have permission to sell printed versions of your cutters. Thankyou

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Ок no problems

I saw your cutters for sale on Etsy from someone in Slovakia. Aren't your cutters copyrighted? They even used the same picture. Perhaps it it you?


Most of these cutter designs and photos are stolen from legitimate makers

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That mean yes? to i need use like By: disinger name to?


Hi every time i print the Double vase the bottom always comes loose and suggestions on how to fix that?

Hello! I'll try to fix it. BR, Yokata

Hi, I bought your sea wheel polymer clay cutter file and i can't get it to print. The internal lines are to thin and do not fully print and there is no cutting edge tot he mold it's just flat so doesn't cut rather it squishes. Is there any chance you can give me tips on how to print this successfully. I have now printed it 4 times unsuccessfully. Thanks

Hi, dear!
First, please tell me what size nozzle do you use?
It is ideal to print with a 0.3 mm nozzle.
If you print with a 0.4 mm nozzle, then increase the model by 10% in CURA. 100% Fill
P.S. I will also add a file with an inner wall of 6 mm
BR, Yokata

Hi, no only cutter. Texture pattern seria will be soon

Hi Yokota, I downloaded the birds cutters and it doesn't have the opposite sides, it only has one side in 3 sizes.. the picture shows opposite sides, can you please help? Thanks, Carissa

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Hi dear, I add a mirror models. If you use the CURA program for printing - there is a mirror image of the models. BR, Yokata

Hi, the art deco cutters you have shown in your listing are not accurate, that photo is taken from an E tsy seller Texturio's photos. Can you provde a photo of the actual printed product rather than someone else's pic, so we know it works? Thanks

Most of these cutter designs and photos are stolen from legitimate makers

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Merci pour le suivi

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hello. i noticed a copyright on. may i have permission to sell polymer clay earrings made from the molds of the 3d printed files?

No problem

What sizes are the following cutters:
1. Teardrop cutter
2. Hanging Willows
3. Green set

Green set //

1 Part:
Top 19x13 mm
Bottom 40x25 mm

2 Part:
Top 18x20 mm
Bottom 34x37 mm

3 Part:
Top 18x15 mm
Bottom 40x21 mm

Teardrop Cutter //
Size 50 mm

Hanging willows //
Top 19 mm
Bottom 38 & 45 mm

Hi Regarding the Boho vase. what is the best way to print it ? standing or laying and do it need supports ?

Hi friend!
Best way - standing pose. And please use support.
BR, Yokata

Hi, love the vases and decoration prints! Is it ok for me to print some and to sell them in miniature? Thanks in advance!

Thank you very much!

You are free to do as your heart dictates, my friend.

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Bonjour, j'ai essayé d'imprimé votre boba avec cura mais a chaque fois je me retrouve avec une figurine sans bras et avec une tete plate sans casque.

My friend, I divided the model into parts for you - to make it easier to print.
Please check for updates.
Your Yokata

Hello! Is it in 1/87 scale? or 1/72?

Hello, unfortunately I can’t find that Soviet drawing to double-check

Hi, the Abstract Polymer Clay cutters are ENORMOUS and at this size, essentially unuseable - no one would want to wear earrings that huge. But when I reduce the size to something useable, the impressions won't print bc the layers are too thin to print. Earring shapes ideally are around 1 inch to 1.5 max. Could I please have shapes in that size range, or have a refund? Thank you!

Hello, Please check photo (I attached new) of print model on the page with cutters.
This is what is printed on my 3D printer.
As you can see the small details are printed perfectly.

Hi, I printed a couple of small samples on my printer today. nozzle 0.4 - everything is fine!

Yes, the LARGE model prints, if you want earrings the size of your face -- again, useless. The small ones now in the file are too small, do not print successfully - I'd like to see photo proof of that - it's just not possible. I can show you instead my versions that show that the filament is just too small. It is obvious that you have not tried using the products you are offering, which simply do not work as advertised. This is borderline fraud. Unless you submit a refund (I do not have the ability to request one), I will report you to the cults 3D site as offering products that obviously do not work. You appear to have tried to make files from this listing, and failed: https://www.etsy.com/listing/994345653/set-of-9-cutters-polymer-clay-cutters

Dear Kayelle. I offer my apologies to you.
My friends printed the model and there were no problems.
In any case, this is my first offer for a refund. Unfortunately, I cannot return the money from my page, there is no such functionality on the site. Perhaps there is a refund on your side of the order.

Or I can still offer to send you free of charge any models from my page for the amount of the purchase.

Again, I'm sorry this happened.
Best, yokata

Hi there, I tried the downloaded new files and printed the small ones. As feared (and as I tried myself), the imprint interior sections are now TOO SMALL to print, such that the square one prints just as an empty square. The filament does not print that small.

A refund won't fix the amount of money I've now wasted on printing two different copies (one too enormous and now one too small), neither of which is usable. But please submit a refund.

Ok, i see what happens. Please tell me your email to send other files.

I notice that your rainbow arches are the right size range for earrings - 20-30mm. But these are way huge, could you also provide them in 20-30mm sizes?

Hey hey, I would like to talk about your latest upload. The "penis mold 5 in 1". It's clearly just a thrown together mold by using a boolean difference command on a block with my model. I put this model online for people to use personally, if you would have linked to the original design, maybe that I would've allowed it. But to also charge people for it is unethical and goes against the copyright license that is on the model.

I am reporting your model and I hope you didn't have malicious intent and that this was a mere act of cluelessness. If you think there is a larger intent with the model I'm open for discussion.

Alright, I see what you mean. Good to hear that you meant no harm. I do think that the way you made the model was so that you needed to use a lot of plastic for the mold. Also, I'm not very comfortable asking money for a model that ought to be printed but that hasn't been tested if it prints or actually does what it is supposed to. I might be up for collaborating and trying to make a actual plastic efficient mold (maybe similar to my butt plug mold) and seeing if we can use the mold to cast a dick. We can divide modeling, casting and hosting the file in some way that seems fair and split the difference.

with kind regards, LWP

Hey, I didn't personally use your model.
I found it on a free site. With no licenses to use.Convenient and practical mold.
Moreover, this is not a resale of your model - but the creation of a mold.
So you don't have to do it /
And it was possible to solve it together first, rather than destroy the mold model

Merci pour le suivi


Love your designs! Just wanted to ask, is it OK if I print to resell some?

Hi! No problem