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Yuan Xing Liang, guanghan palace ,,, do you have the rest of this set . or know where to get them,,thank you

bonjour pour l'impression du cheval quels types de supports utilisez vous et quels paramètres d'impression merci

je voudrais me lancer dans ce projet. pouvez vous me donner le profil pour réussir l'impression. je suis sur cura. merci

Hi There! Question on the Happy Fish Fragrance file... what are your recommendations for supports??

question for the gaoda robo set, is it possible to just get the FMP mecha? or can you upload those files individually for better selection?

Salut ! Je voulais juste si possible avoir quelque détails d'impression pour le serpent ?
Est ce que tu as mit des supports et si oui sur le plateau ou partout ?
Le remplissage je laisse 20% ou 10% c'est largement suffisant ?
Et enfin, hauteur de couche, 0.2mm c'est bon pour de la qualité ou je vais sur un 0.12 ou 0.10 ?
Merci a toi si tu a le temps de me répondre :)

Did you design the Monkey King figure? I noticed the exact same figure (but with a rod) on cgtrader who wants $5 for the design. I plan on making these and selling them (with some modifications) and I want to give the designer credit. Thanks.

Really like your face mask design. Could you advise if it can be printed without using "support"? What setting should I use to print the face mask? Many thanks.

Your face mask is a brilliant design. I am working with Columbia Medical School and some other medical first responders to spool up a distributed 3d printing capability to provide urgently needed masks. We have identified an ideal filter material. Is there any chance you would be willing to share your original source files (Solidworks, Inventor, etc.) so we can make some necessary modifications. We will of course give you maximum credit and a lot of publicity (if you want it) for allowing us to scale up your design.
Peter Bloom
P.S. You can reach me on pbloom22@gmail.com and I'll immediately send you my cell phone number if you'd like to discuss further.

Dear Stronghero3D,

We downloaded the model vase of dragon pattern and found that it is another vase, but we really like it. We want to use this vase for commercial purposes, so print and sell. You are called as Desinger this vase and in addition we would like to attach the link to the license. Should we consider something else? Please let us know if this is possible? Please send us the answer with the subject vase of dragon pattern to this e-mail: vitaly.resch@gmx.de
With best regards
Vitaly Resch