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I need a specific frame from your wesite, and I need your help importing it to f3d because my computer is very slow to do that?

Can the skull plaque be used commercially to make and sell moulds

hello friend. your design work is really nice. i was trying to make buddha-with-background-of-hand. with the help of slicer. i think the file is big. do you have low resolution file for the same?

do u have discord?

hello did you get an answer ?

Hello, I just wonder how much do you charge to created a 3D printer STL.

Hola una pregunta tus modelos son para impresora de resina o de filamento. Y si son para filamento Ai q tocarlo para imprimir o directamente se puede imprimir descargándolo gracias esque no entiendo mucho de este tema soy nuevo gracias....

I love your designs. This one isn't complete from back. Can you fix it?

bonjour, serait il possible d'avoir des dragons en fichier STL s'il vous plait

Thank you so much for these beautiful contributions.

Hello, I sell soaps. Can I create molds from your designs and sell the soaps? I will not be selling the design or molds, just the soaps I make from it.Thank you :)

amazing work. I am very interested in 3d design work, may I download it, and print it to be a pendant, as a gift/sell to someone? thank you

Thank u. Buddha bless U

I would like to use your design on items to sell, is there any copyright attached, or do you have licencing arrangements in place?
Kind regards,

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I would like to use your design on items to sell, is there any copyright attached, or do you have licencing arrangements in place?
Kind regards,

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Hola! Realizas modelos de imágenes religiosas? Necesito de la virgen María Auxiliadora. Gracias!


Hope you guys doing well,
We really appreciate to your work
Some cheaper artist download free model and sale paid

Your many models guys sailing on cgtrader
we share you link you can report and claim your design
here is link

Hi! Your models are amazing! We would want to use one of your models on our social media and website to promote our software. We would like to know if you are the original creator of them and are we allowed for that usage?

Hi i downloaded the file for the praying hands and when it downloaded onto my computer it downloaded as a zip file. I have Cura Ultimaker for my slicer. I very little experience with computers and was wondering how can i change the zip file into a gcode or stl file so i can print it on my 3D printer. Thank you and i love the praying hands.

Hi, I find your work of a high standard and would like to know how to do this sort of work myself, could you advise of the process involved?


Que lindas cosas!! te felicito!! gracias!!